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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YOU don't have full coverage.

Every morning I pass a tent on the way to work. The special thing about this tent is it says "Free Rock Chip Repair." It always catches my attention because I happen to be in need of some rock chip repair.

So today I stopped and I ask "Is this really free?" The kid in America is really free, is it? He then proceeds to tell me how it works. He says basically, you need to have full coverage insurance, we call your insurance on the spot, and they pay for it. He then looks down at my car and says "And, I'm guessing with a car like this, you don't have full coverage, right?"

"Um. Yes. I have full coverage."

What the hell?? Does my car resemble a car that is a junk pile and therefore does not need full coverage?

I mean, I know...she's a little dirty and could use a wash...but still.

I didn't think it was that apparent that I need a new car.

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Courtney and Dan said...

You DON'T need a new car, woot... Who in the hell is he to judge how nice or not nice your car is... Afterall, he's the one sitting under a tent all day as a career...

What a tool...


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