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Friday, June 26, 2009






Friday night.

For the record...

Today I did not read this word:

in this context:
signaling that she was in pain

and confuse myself because I thought it said sign a ling.

Definitely not something I would spend 5 minutes on, trying to figure it out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Want some cranberry juice?

I've been at the hospital since 7:45 this morning. My poor Grandma came into the emergency room last night and was admitted to the hospital this morning. She had dangerously low sodium levels, so I have been with her all day/night today, just hangin out.

But right now...

Right now I'm thirsty. Dehydrated in fact. And, the snackbar closes at 8pm...however, for your convenience, reopens at 11. Wonderful. Conveniently I will only have to wait 2 hours to drink something.

It's actually a good thing that I am a genius because I had a fantastic idea. PATIENTS can get drinks/food after hours...So, because my Grandma was hungry and I was going to order a sandwich for her anyway, I say to the Nurse "I need to get a turkey sandwich for my Grandma, and she would also love a grape juice!" She informs me that there is no grape juice and says "Does your Grandma like cranberry juice?" "Yes, she definitely likes cranberry juice, that will be perfect!"

**Side note- I failed to mention the plan to get me a drink to my Grandma and she just happens to NOT be a fan of Cranberry juice.**

The Nurse comes in with the sandwich and the juice and says here you go!! My Grandma says, thanks so much, and one more thing..can I please have a drink? The nurse looks at her kind of confused and says yeah! Here is your cranberry :) My Grandma then says oh, I dont like Cranberry, can I please have a Diet?

Um. Awkward.

The cranberry juice was delicious though and I am no longer thirsty. Plan A was sort of a success!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New additions!

This fantastic greenery made its way into the house yesterday...

and is here to stay!

Cats climb trees, and telephone poles, and...brick houses.

I'm laying in bed this morning, half asleep while Travis is taking Trey outside to do his thing.

All of a sudden, I hear Trey make a noise like he was going after something...I've never heard him make this noise before, and never seen him go after something (except for his ball, while I was holding his leash and trying to keep up with him ;)) so it scared the crap out of me! I heard Travis yelling TREY!! TREY, get over here!! He ALWAYS listens to Trav, so that scared me even more!

Enough that I got out of bed, went outside and asked Trav what happened!

He said the funniest thing to me, super fast...without taking a breath...


hahaha...the cat ran UP the side of the brick house?? How did I miss that!!

Travis was blown away, he'd never seen anything like it!

So, we talk and laugh about it for a sec and then I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and the second I come out, Trav is right there saying "Did I tell you the cat had to run up the house twice?? He fell down the first time!" hahaha I wish I would have seen that!! He liked it enough to contemplate it and rethink it the entire time I was brushing my teeth, after we had already talked about it!

I was able to get a few pictures of the cat...I guess that will have to be good enough, lol.

I took this one about 5 minutes after it happened...What a resourceful, quick thinking cat.

I took this one about an hour and a half later on my way to work, looks like he is there to stay for awhile. Great.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer concerts!

This summer is looking fantastic so far!! Here are 8 reasons why:

Bon Iver - July 9th - Free.

Incubus - July 16th - Already have ticket.

Sonic Youth - July 30th - Free.

Iron & Wine - August 20th - Free.

Modest Mouse - September 1st - Already have ticket.

Blink 182/Taking Back Sunday - September 7th - Already have ticket.

Royal Bliss - September 12th - Getting ticket very soon!

Pinback - November 7th - Getting ticket very soon!

Nuff said.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Overheard at Harmons...

Cute little boy's dad- Do you want a piece of cheese? (Cheese samples)

Cute littly boy- YEAH!!

I look over and see the little boy take the cheese and lick the bottom of it.

Cute little boy- Dad! What does the top taste like??

Two things that come to my mind:
1- Does that mean the bottom portion passed the taste test?
2- How does one explain what the TOP portion of a square of cheese tastes like?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ticket to heaven.




I am also going to be going to the Blink 182-Taking Back Sunday concert that week, what a great freekin week!!

If I was a bear...I would totally sleep until September starts!!

Best deal ever.

Yesterday Trav and I went to Gateway to do a little shopping and we I, of course, had to make a pit stop at Bath and Body!! I walk in and the lady comes up to me right away and says what their deals are...I heard $4 Wall Flowers and $4 classic lotions and body sprays and basically tuned out the rest because I was fine with that...I was going to spend $16 bucks and get me 4 body sprays.

She then passes me again and in my hand she sees the "Japanese Cherry Blossom" body spray and says "$2.50, what a great deal huh?!" I asked her like 3 times what she said because I couldnt believe it, lol I thought it was $4! Apparently if I would have listened to all of the deals she told me about, I would have heard her say that there was a BIN of stuff that was 75% off!!

So, Trav goes outside to wait on the bench.

And, I grab a bag to hold everything in my hands so I can then add to it!

I ended up getting all of this:

For $20!!!!

If you like purfume as much as I do:

Or even a little less than I do...I suggest you RUN to Bath and Body!

The end.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, in fact...I do.

If you were my headset, this is part of the conversation you heard today:

Jessica: This is SIPRelay assisting a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person place a phone call. Have you received a relay call before?

Operator: Ma'am...I only speak English. Do you speak English??

Jessica: Yes...I speak English.

...However, apparently it doesn't appear that way sometimes...


Meet my cousin Megan:

You may recognize her from a recent post where she was introduced through this picture.

Now that we're all aquainted, I have a story that I'm going to put here because I never, ever want to forget it's cuteness. Also Megan, I am holding you to your word. We'll see if you follow through.

Anyway, Alexis (Megan's older sister, my cousin) and I work together and were talking today. Talking about taking pictures, and scrapbooking, and drawing, and art all shapes and sizes. We both agreed that we are down for any type of art unless it comes to hand drawing. That my friends, is out of the picture. Unless it is Megan's hand drawing. Yes, my 12 year old cousin could knock your socks off with her hand drawings.

She is all sorts of into crafts and scrapbooking and decorating and re-arranging her room already and I am so excited about it! I know that every time I go to their house, her room is always freshly re-arranged and so organized!! I don't know what is better than a cousin who would sit and scrapbook all day while watching HGTV with you.

Alexis and I talking about this today reminded me of one time where Trav and I had just moved into a small apartment and my Aunt and her family came over to visit and see the place. They walked in, and this is the first thing you see:

--If you look closely, you can see that the wall with the diamonds on it does not connect all the way to the ceiling, leaving room to put stuff up there. I chose to put vines.

Megan looked at that first thing and said "Oh man!! I hope I have that in my house when I get my own place! I would put stuffed animals up there, arranged perfectly!"

It was absolutely adorable :)

Lex and I were talking about this story and this was her response--"megan is the devil"

...typical older sister response.

"Why?" I ask in disbelief.

"haha because she gets mad at me for no reason like she wouldnt get out of my room last night cause she wanted to annoy me and so I was like megan get out of my room and she stood there with one foot in my room and one foot out of my room and I kept yelling at her and then I got up out of my bed and went over to like push her and she ran and then came back and stood right outside my door and was like alexis....giggle giggle....look im not in your room!" "and I was like oh my jesus i am going to kill you"

...haha again, typical older sister response.

I'm assuming this was not Alexis's reaction to Megan, although it is one of my favorite pictures-

Her response (for 2 seconds) made me miss living with my sister. Our poor mom. We were probably slightly less than desirable, with many moments like this!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


These are the same flowers outside of our house, except for I took these pics with my camera :)

Trey was jealous, so I took a few of him.

Stud. Fa. Sho.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I've decided one of the greatest things about moving into a new place is when Spring comes and a ton of flowers and rad plants start popping out everywhere!!! I went picture crazy today. These are my favorite :) I spent way too long fixing these pictures up however I am going to do the same thing tomorrow because these were all taken from my cell phone. I forgot my camera at work :(

Anyway, enjoy!

There are 2 fantastic things about these pictures...
1) They are all either in front of our place, or on the side.
2) You can see raindrops on the flowers.

= greatness.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Saturday was the birthday of the greatest dog in the world.

He is 3 now! I can't believe he's 3!!
The day that we got him, he was 4 weeks old.

I remember it so well! I was in Idaho because Trav was away for the weekend, working. Kass and I were staying at Mari's and she said "Yeah, my parents just got a dog that they don't want because they already have too many. I think he might be a pitbull...we will have to go look before you guys go back to Utah."
I said "No, we will have to go look right now!" --I had wanted a pitbull for a really, really long time. Plus, Trav wasn't there with me..he couldnt talk me out of this one!! ;)
We get to her parents house and I see him curled up in the corner of the house, next to the steps. I went to grab him and could not let him go!! He was coming home with me! Our next stop was PetSmart where I spoiled the crap out of him and got his nails cut.
I took him home and he slept on the couch with me that night. Trav came home and wasn't super happy about it at first because we lived in an apartment where they didn't allow pitbulls, but he fell in love and now they are basically best friends!
There have been good and bad times for sure, but the dog that he is now makes everything worth it!
I remember one of the times we took him to the dog park when he was really little so we could get him to be comfortable around other dogs and people and ANY time someone would pass us, walking their dog...he would sit down in the middle of their path so they had to bend down and pet him. That is totally him today still. If you are sitting down, his head is on your lap. If you are standing up and not in motion, he is laying on your feet. If you are standing up and in motion, he is following you. Such a loving boy!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him:
Such a stud! He's had a 6 pack all along!
This is my absolute favorite picture of him!
Definitely a good thing when your dog lets you put a bandana on him and after doing so, he sports it with great pride! (After trying to chase it for only 1 hour)
Growing up!!
Trey NEVER gets tired of "Shaking" he will do it over and over and over, for anyone.
Pooped after a walk and trying to sleep on Daddy!
Common "Trey stare"
Yes, he knows he is the bestest dog in the world!!

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