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Monday, April 27, 2009


Actually, I am thinking about this --I will totally be the 63 year old at their show one day.-- section of my last post and I clearly wasn't thinking straight. If I am 63...that means they are probably 70-73...I hope they are able to rock shows at that age, but I just dont know if they are that hardcore. I guess only time will tell :)

OH MY!! Nothing is making me as happy as this yellow box right now. I cannot wait! TBS is an absolute favorite and has been for a long, long time. I will totally be the 63 year old at their show one day. But this time...I will be one of the many 22 year olds. CAN'T WAIT!!

Another for the "Keys" label

I was hesitating to post this because gets boring after awhile but I will keep it short and simple...

I left my keys inside of Rumbi this weekend. (Thank goodness someone picked them up for me and put them behind the counter.)

Next goal: To invent a key chain that screams when someone I am more than 2 feet away from my keys.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who needs keys?

What did I do yesterday, you ask?

Oh, you know...the norm.

1) Went to work
2) Came home, did the dishes, swept and mopped the floor, dusted
3) Started dinner
4) Ate
5) Got in the shower, got ready
6) Gathered my things and walked out the door
7) Remembered to lock the door because I am great at locking things
8) Didn't remember to grab the keys off of my kitchen table
9) Rememered that I remembered to close the bathroom window and lock both doors
10) Said "are you kidding?" outloud. To no one.
11) Called Grandma. Who was eating noodle soup. AND watching American Idol (Her fav)
12) Waited on the porch, outside, for 46 minutes while waiting for Grandma to drive downtown from Sandy. On State street.

Yeah...nothing spectacular except for I added another reason to the ever-growing list of reasons why Jessica should not be allowed to have keys. :)

You can find other documented reasons here and here.

In fact. I think I might just add a "Keys" label to all of my other labels. I feel like once you have at least three posts that would fit into a label, it is time to create that label.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The weekend!

Remember this post?

I'd like to proudly say that I've been keeping up with it. :)

I started my blog in September of 2008 and here it is April of 2009. Seven months and 50 posts (Yep, you guessed it...this is my FIFTIETH post!!) later, here we are!

I am going to figure this out to see just how good that is. So, 50 posts in 7 months...that means roughly 7 posts a month, which means around 1 post a week plus some! Not bad at all :)

Well, I don't have anything super fancy for the 50th post...just the norm talk about the weekend.

It was an exciting weekend though, if that makes a difference...

Started out working on Friday. After work, we (Kassi, Me, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Tammy, Uncle David, Chase, Alexis, Kendall, and Megan) all went to watch my cousin Katie perform her Duo at a dance competition at Kingsburry Hall at the U. It was tons of fun, she did fantastic, and took second place!! Afterwards, Kassi, Katie, Megan, Grandma, and I decided to go to Grandma's and play games...which is always a good time!

Saturday, woke up and Grandpa cooked a delicious breakfast! Grandma, Megan, and I played a few games after cleaning up and then I went home to get ready for another dance competition. This time, Katie was dancing in two group dances! Again, she did phenomenally! After the competition, we all went out to eat and then a few of us went to my house to get ready for the night. Kassi and I ended up hanging out with some friends who came down from Idaho (Danny)and some friends we havent seen forever, who are in Provo (Lysha)! It was great times :) We woke up Sunday morning to Danny saying "Here's the thing. I dont know where we are." hahaha...

Sunday morning we drove back to Salt Lake, from Provo (Danny and his friend had to catch a flight and were in a really, really big hurry because we kinda slept in) once we got back to Salt Lake, we took a little nap and then went over to Grandma's to make salads for a BBQ and of course, play games. It was a really busy, but fun weekend!!

Here are some of the pictures I took, although I should have taken lots more!!

At the comp, waiting for awards.

Cousin Megan.

And again.

Cousin Alexis and her boyfriend Chase.

Driving to the competition.

Kassi trying to avoid the picture, Chase doing the opposite, and Alexis checkin out what is going on.

Getting ready to start awards.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Toy!!


Bad Boy.

Blessed me with it's presence yesterday.

I. Love. You. Apple. And. FedEx.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Addition to decorating at Mari's

PS- We also gave these a shot this weekend
...and they turned out so great!! I am going to do some for our place tonight :) I'll post pics as soon as I finish them.

Weekend trip to Idaho!

I went to Idaho this weekend for my best friends baby shower and to celebrate Easter!

I didn't take any pics of the baby shower :( (I know, I know...horrible!!) but we all had a good time! Mona had some really fun games set up and Mari and Matt and baby Preslie got some really cool stuff!

Best friend...trying to hide from the camera. (Halfway worked)

Happy Easter!!
Saturday morning we got up and went to the park for Roman's (Mari and Matt's son) first Easter Egg Hunt!!!
Haha, I love these fence picures! He is such a cutie!!
This is what the field looked like before all the little kids/parents (0-3 yrs old on our side) took over!
Waiting in line for 20 minutes! It was FREEZING!

Roman getting it down and running to get some eggs! It was too bad the "hunt" only lasted about 10 minutes!! It was like a sweep! They said go and everyone basically ran accross the field, picking up every egg and leaving nothing behind! Luckily Uncle Eric was able to pick Roman up and RUN to a spot where there were 4 eggs with Roman's name on them.

We played the take all of the eggs out of the basket and Roman puts them back in game about 5 times and then called it good. It was really fun! He had a good time!
Frames I re-finished. They were a really ugly shiny yellow brown color.

Saturday day/night, Mari, Erika, and I went house decor shopping! We got a lot of stuff to get a start on the decorating Mari's house process. Again, this is the only picture I got. I failed at taking pictures this weekend...oh man. I will take pics of the decorations when I go down again in the next couple of weekends to see THE NEW BABY :)
For Easter, we all went to Mari's mom and dad's house for a yummy dinner!! After dinner we played Phase 10 for a few hours and then Mari, Matt, Roman and I went out for a shake and I (unfortunately) left for Salt Lake around 8 oclock.
It was a really fun trip this time, LOTS of laughs and good times.
In other non related news:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The one where I meet a 30 year old who doesn't know which finger wears the wedding ring...

This weekend we went to St. George for my cousin Katie's dance competition, in which she did fantastic :) Taking second place in her duo, second place in her first team dance, and fourth in the other one!

Anyway, so Mesquite is only 35 miles from St. George. Knowing this, I had to pull the "I'm 22 and have never been to Mesquite" card. It ended up working wonders, so on Saturday after the competition was done, we went out to dinner and then Grandma and I made our way out to Mesquite! It ended up being really fun!!

Here's the gist of the night:
Grandma- Worked her magic at a slot machine, pressing the button just right to win a whopping $1000!!!

Jessica- After much skill and dedication to her poker game...lost her $100.

It ended up being tons of fun anyway so it's all good!

So, during said poker game, I'm sitting next to a man. He's around 30 years old. Let's call him George. Our conversation follows.

George: down here with your husband?

Me: Nope.

George: Oh so, are you married?

Me: haha, nope.

George: OHH, you are divorced?

Me: lol, no...never been married...

George: Shoots me a "I'm really confused" look while looking down at my RIGHT hand with my ring on it.

Me: It is on my right hand.

George: Oh!! (Still confused)

George: So, wait...when you get married, the ring goes on the....?

Me: Left hand :)

George: Oh, right!

Hopefully I just saved this guy a pretty awkward conversation with his future wife. You're welcome buddy :)

Modest Mouse on Letterman...NEW SONG!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Conversation with sister on 4/1.

Sister: So, I'm officially pregnant. I took a test today and it is for sure. Tony and I are going to get married!!!

Okay, I totally know this is the oldest April Fool's joke in the book so I had to think of a fantastic comeback to spice it up a little.

Jessica: Oh man...I'm so glad you finally told me. I had been thinking you were for a while now, I just didnt want to say anything in case you weren't, lol. YAY :)

Sister: (Approximately 2 seconds later) WHAT?? I was just kidding!!! :( I know I am starting to get a little chunkier but that was supposed to be an April Fools!!

Jessica: Uhm..I'm not trying to be rude, but really...have you checked? I think you really might be.

Sister: No :(.

Jessica: you good :) April Fools!

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