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Friday, July 10, 2009

Bon Iver and Jenny Lewis

Last night Trav and I went to the Gallivan center to see Bon Iver and Jenny Lewis. Oh man. It was such a great show to kickstart the summer and prepare me for the fantastic bands I am uber excited to see! Jenny Lewis is just adorable and has a fantastic voice, while Bon Iver. Man. I love 'em. Justin puts SO much emotion in, you know he truly loves singing/songwriting. Plus it was a free concert. That just validates that fact.

Here is a video I was able to get of Skinny Love. I wasnt trying to aim the whole time, just mainly wanted the audio... I couldnt get the video to upload in the blogger video thing, so is a great video someone else got :) I should have just recorded the entire thing. It was a great show! I'll post some pics as well :)

I didn't take this video, but this is amazing. The entire crowd was singing. :)

This is one of my favorite pictures.
We had a side view the whole time but it was fantastic because it was really, really close and he played to the side for a part of the show anyway, so it was great!

haha so awesome. Justin pointed out the people accross the street, watching from on top of a building!

AND in a parking garage!

There were also plenty of people up close watching.

Jenny doing what she does best.


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