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Monday, August 31, 2009

The weekend. Out of order.

I had a fantastic weekend! So fantastic that it is going to take two posts! I will post the other one a little later tonight though :)...dun dun dun.

Saturday afternoon we (Me, Kassi, Jon) decided to take a drive up to Idaho to hang out with the bestests. It was as random as my best friends husband texting me saying "Come to Idaho" and me saying "Deal"

Saturday night we went out and had a blast as always! I saw Tyson Cranney!! (A guy I graduated with) It has been so so so long, so that was really nice!! I also met a couple Deaf guys who use relay...and the best part, they even use the company I work for. I'm pretty proud of myself because we had 1/25 of our conversation through ASL. Due to my limited knowledge of ASL though, we switched to texting. :) It was really cool to get out and talk to and see someone who my work benefits. It's so nice to provide such a wonderful service and get paid to do it!

Sunday afternoon we woke up and went shopping and Mari made the most delicious enchaladas that I've ever had! In fact, I'm making them again tonight, haha. (Thanks again Mari!) Then we took pictures because her children were being so photogenic. (Actually, every child is photogenic. Even when they don't want to be. I'm a fan of tantrum pictures. Not gunna lie.) Here are a few of the pictures I took of Roman and Presley. They are both SO adorable!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's called consistency, people...

So we ordered pizza last night and Trav and I are a little picky. It must be a supreme. Half no mushrooms. All of it no sausage. It has to be that way.

Well, yesterday we get the knock on the door, I open it, pay the dude and go set the pizza down on the table. I open up the supreme and it has everything on it. On the entire pizza. Not only that but on about 6 slices, toward the middle of the slice there was a HUGE bubble and there were NO toppings. No cheese, no sauce, nothing.

I make the friendly little call to Pizza Hut to inform them of the situation and the guy I talked to first says "Uhh, let me grab my Manager."

I'm thinking...awesome. Someone who will be able to help. No big deal.

This lady gets on the phone and I start to tell her (politely) what the deal is...she INTERRUPTS me and says "What is your phone number?"

She then says to me, in an annoyed voice-- looks like here that the person who took your order put down that you needed half no mushroom, all of it no sausage.

Um, duh. That would be the reason for my call. It is obviously not that way. Maybe if I wasn't interrupted you would know that. :)

During this time, Trav had already taken a piece, picked the mushrooms off, and started to eat it.

The lady then informs me that they will be able to replace the pizza however, the delivery driver will need to pick up the entire pizza, no pieces missing...before he gives me the new one.

After telling her that there was one piece already missing and there was nothing I could do about it now, she informed me that because of that...they would not be able to replace the pizza

You've got to be kidding me.

I ask for her manager and it wasn't until then that she decides just this once, she will replace the pizza and take the gross pizza back, minus one piece. (We "discussed" the manner for about 5 minutes.)

40 minutes later I get a knock on my door. Here is our new pizza. I go to the kitchen to grab the other pizza, open the door, and hand it to the delivery guy and you know what he says???

"Oh no, that's can just keep that one."

So, basically I sat on the phone with stupid manager lady for 5 minutes apologizing that one piece was already gone and listening to her act like it was a huge deal, for nothing. Awesome!

Monday, August 24, 2009's what fun is.

Indeed it is.

Kass and I took advantage of the "Bounceback" deal yesterday and had a super time!! The weather was perfect, it even POURED for like 5 minutes to cool everyone off. I'm sure everyone thought it was nice, however Kassi and I were already "cooled" off. She had the best idea (sort of said sarcastically) to go on the Cliffhanger (a ride that generally gets you a little wet) as our first ride. As it turns out, where we sat gets you the most wet. When we were done, there was not ONE piece of us that was not soaked. I actually had to ring out my hair. So awesome!

Here are our soaking wet tickets! Ew, and everyone got wet money from me hahaha, that is so gross!!

Next we decide to go ride on "Wicked," one of the newest rides. The greatest thing is because it was a Sunday, there were like NO lines!! It was so awesome! So anyway, we are standing in the small line for Wicked and there is a little boy in front of us. I'm guessing he was around 6 or so. He is standing there with his dad and you can tell he is about ready to crap his pants because he is scared. Except for he was trying to use reverse psychology on himself. He would say to his dad "Dad...this ride doesn't even go very fast. " and then as we started to get closer and closer to getting on the ride, he would change his comments to Dad, do you think it goes fast? Dad, how long until we are off of this ride? haha ... we probably would have enjoyed the ride a lot more if we'd actually paid attention to the ride but it was impossible sitting next to this kid. We both watched him the ENTIRE time, cracking up. It was so adorable. His little fists were tight and his eyes were closed even tighter. He was the cutest thing ever.

The no-line thing was so great! We got to ride every ride we wanted and had plenty of time. At the end, Kassi finally talked me into the sky coaster. For those of you who are unaware of what that is. Let me inform you of two things: 1) you never want to go on it. Don't let people talk to you into it, like they always do for me. and 2) It is a ride at Lagoon that you pay extra for. You can go with up to 3 people (it was just the two of us.) They wrap you up like a hotdog, with a fabric wrap. That's all. They do not attach anything for you to hold on to! You then are tied onto a bungee type thing and it pulls you 150 feet in the air. Yeah. 150 feet. Once you are at the top, they say 3, 2, 1, FLY and you pull a bungee cord, and off you falling. It is so so so so so so scary, but it's the good kind of scary I guess.

It was a lot of fun!! :)

My exciting Saturday.

I'm sure you know already if you've been reading my blog for awhile but if not, I love poker and play every once in awhile in the Wasatch Poker Tournaments. Basically what happens is they have a game almost every night and if you win in the top 9 places (usually out of 80-100 players) you get points. Every quarter, there is a MAIN tournament (100 players) where you must qualify (by getting enough points throughout the quarter) to play in. I have played in two of these tournaments thus far. Last time I, unfortunately, took 9th. They paid the top 8. This time however, I took it down. I took first place and my prize was....




It was 500 bucks!!! :)

It was basically the greatest day ever.

New couches!!

Over the weekend, we picked up new couches!! I. Love. Love. Love. Them. (Thanks again Heather!! :))

Aren't they adorable?!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have the funniest grandparents in the entire world.

So earlier this week Trav and I were at my Grandma's house. I happened to be a little toasty. (This is common for the grandparents house.) So, I go into the bathroom and open the window.

An hour later, we are all sitting down to eat dinner and my Grandma comes out of the bathroom and says to my Grandpa "Tommy!! You always open the bathroom window!! I have the air on. I don't know why you always do that!!

My Grandpa says "Oh."

I happened to take a drink at the same time my Grandma came out and had water in my mouth so I was unable to inform my Grandma that I was the one who opened the window.

I swallowed and said "Grandma! It was me! haha"

"Oh, were just going to let Grandpa take the heat?"

Me: Well, I had my mouth full...I was going to own up to it.

Grandpa: "I got big shoulders."

hahaha. So awesome.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Proof that people on the phone do not listen to a word you say!

Travis: Hi, do you carry (insert any product here)
Lady at store: Oh, no thanks...we're not interested. Bye.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good idea, gone bad.

1) i have never seen a skunk in real life but I have to say I am satisfied with this view being my first time.
2) hahahahahahahaha
3) i hope he is able to get that taken care of soon. He looked like he was going crazy! The picture isn't the greatest because he was CONSTANTLY running around, in circles.
4) Poor guy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When all else fails, say maybe tomorrow.

And this friendly man did just that.

My Grandma and I were looking at houses again today after work (shocker!) We pull up to this house to go take a peek in the windows and out walks a Hispanic man. He is about to get into his car but we are blocking the driveway as we are about to go look at his house, that is for sale. My Grandma says to him "Hi, is this the house that is for sale?" He looks back at us, extremely confused and says "No!, No, I lii here. No for sale." My Grandma and I look at each other confused because it is clearly the correct address and the picture on our paper, matches the picture of the house. It is definitely for sale. Does he just not know about it? That's kind of a horrible way to find out that you are going to be moving because someone will be buying your house, lol...anyway so my Grandma notices there are two doors and says to him "Oh! There are two places here...maybe the other one is for sell." This man does the "Yeahhh..(shake your head and nod because you have no idea what is goin on) and she says ohh, you live in one of these houses, and someone else lives next to you? (It was kind of like a duplex) and he looks at us and says "Uhm...maybe tomorrow?!"

Hm..maybe tomorrow he will live in one and someone else in another?
Maybe tomorrow his landlord will tell him he needs to move because the place is apparently for sale??
Maybe if he says maybe tomorrow it will get us to leave??

I don't know, but it worked. We held the laughter in for as long as we were there talking to him, said thanks so much, rolled up the windows and laughed the entire way home.

Until next time...Maybe tomorrow. :)

Random Tuesday.

So, after a million and two "Yes's." "No's. "I'm retiring...for the third time." "Blah, blah, blah's." We finally have a solid answer.

BRETT FREEKIN FAVRE has signed with Minnesota!! As a Minnesota fan, I couldn't be any more excited about it. I mean yeah, the media annoyed the crap out of me and I'm sure everyone else with all of his indecisiveness and I kind of wish he would just come out and say I am going to retire. And actually do it. Or say I wanna keep playing, and actually keep playing. But, that is neither here nor there now. He is with us, officially signed for 12 million a year...How would that be?? I am so excited to see him on my team this year! I think he has a TON of pointers and tips he can hook young Jackson with to make him the best. We'll see what happens. Here's to hoping he doesn't get hurt and doesnt add to his INT record!!

Yay Favre!!

In other news, I'm looking at buying a house again. It kinda fell through last time because it's obviously a HUGE move to make. I didn't feel confident that I would be able to afford it, blah, blah..but now I'm pretty confident. I have spoken with a few lenders, I have been pre-approved for an amount and we're hoping to be in a place by the end of the year. Hoping. That's really all I am going to say about it. It is a process that seriously changes every 2 minutes. One minute it is this house, the next minute I love the next house, the next minute my realtor is calling me with some more listings, the next minute we are driving from one end of town to the other. It is frustrating. I don't like looking at a house, falling in love with it, and then finding out that they apparently love it just as much...just enough that they'd like to charge an arm, a leg, and my firstborn child for it. It's frustrating driving SO much looking at all of these places hearing "Well, it's your first place..." I'm really picky and it's making the process rather difficult...but I'm pulling through and deep down, there is a part of me that is pretty excited about it all I mean, I don't know what's more exciting than to know that possibly by the end of this year, I will no longer be renting and helping people pay off their own homes, but I will be paying my mortgage...and helping myself pay off my own home. Just for poos and giggles, simply because this will change as soon as I publish this is what I am really liking right now...

P.S- I not only like is totally in my price range!! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The sickest office toy. EVER...

Is no other than a bobble head Adrian Peterson. That's right friends. This fantastic bobble head was placed on my desk today and is going to now and forevermore make my desk area, the greatest.

Adventures in house shopping. Part one. (of probably 6,742)

After dropping me off at my house last night, my grandma decided to go look at one more place. She called me as soon as she left and was giving me all of the details. Pretty small kitchen. Two bedrooms. Washer and Dryer included, etc, etc...

She then goes on to talk about the backyard. She says "The backyard is really nice! It was pretty big. There was a little patch of concrete so you could have a table with an umbrella, and some chairs and stuff.. In fact, you could even keep Travis out there."

haha Travis does like the outdoors, but I'm not sure if he would like it as a permanent living situation.

Perhaps we COULD keep Trey out there though.

It's okay Grandma, the two T's can be confusing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm a fantastic driver. Ask anyone.

Travis always criticizes my driving. I don't think there is ever a reason for him to do so. But he does. He will tell me when I am following too close. He will tell me if I pass the exit, AFTER he sat there and watched me pass it. He will inform me that I need to start stopping sooner because if my breaks went out, blah blah...He's a very good backseat driver. I love him. The other day though, I did a horrible thing. I gave him a reason to say something.

We were driving over to our friends house and I was driving so of course he was saying something about my driving. Jokingly. I argue that I am a good driver and he shouldn't criticize me! He then says to me "Yes babe, you are a good driver. That's why we are at a stop light. Going straight, not in a turning lane and you are sitting here with your left blinker on."

This could have been true. And if it is...who's to say I wasn't just giving the cars behind me a little extra notice that sometime in the future, I was going to be making a left turn.

Even though my next turn was going to be to the right.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 13th.

The first time I saw Travis was 10 years ago (as crazy as that sounds!) His dad and my mom were friends and had known each other forever...One of the first times I met Duane (Travis's dad), I remember asking "Do you have kids??" Yes. "Are they boys? How old? Are they cute? Come look at my CD's! Do you think they will like NSYNC?? When will I get to meet them?" Everything was about boys at that time! I was SO excited! The curisity and suspense were overwhelming! (For both of us, I'm sure :))

It was finally time for us to meet Duane's kids. We actually came down for a Bees game and one of the kids was going to be there. The first one I met was Danny. He was the oldest brother (about 5 or 6 years older.) He was married and had a kid. The game was tons of fun!!

After, we went to Aunt Sheila's for a BBQ and that's where I saw Trav for the first time. I walked around to the back patio, sat down and started talking to his cousin, while watching him play basketball. It seemed like at first, when he saw the group of us walk back there, he was attempting to make crazy shots, actually making most of them, and occasionally looking over and smiling. He was totally showing off! I hated it at first, I would have never, ever guessed we would be together in the future. It wasn't until the second and third times we hung out that I knew we'd be together eventually!

Long story short, shortly after we met, Trav moved to Idaho with his dad for a few months and we constantly hung out. I would tell my friends I was grounded so I could go over and hang out, we would fight over pillows just so we could end up sharing one, Duane would call me at my house in Oakley and tell me that "Travis" wanted me to come and help him clean his room, we would go fishing and swimming together, we honestly were together about 99% of the time! The funniest part is throughout all of it, we never admitted that we liked each other. My mom and his dad knew, of course...but we denied it until we were blue in the face.

Trav and Duane moved back to Utah a couple summers after being in Idaho and that is when I realized that Trav wasn't just a really awesome hang out buddy. I definitely had feelings for him!!

For some crazy, crazy reason (that I blame 99.99% on Trav) after he moved back to Utah, we both went on with our lives. Three years went by and we didn't talk once! I thought about him every single day and something kept telling me that one day, we'd be together. We had to be!

I went to a family reunion with his dad and saw Trav for the first time in 3 years. I sort of knew he would be there so the entire day I, of course had butterflies! I wondered what his reaction would be?? He was always kind of shy. Would he say hey...what's up? Would he be way surprised?? What was he going to do?! Well, the minute he saw me, he ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever, he was VERY surprised that I was there!! We talked and caught up as much as we could! He told me that he was going to California soon for work and that we needed to hang out before then, so we did. That fourth of July we went to his brother's house and watched was one of the greatest times ever! It had been so, so long since we had seen each other, it was wonderful to catch up was like we just picked right up where we left off!

He moved to California and on August 13, 2005 he told me that he wanted to be with me and finally told me that he loved me. He was in California for a few months working. We talked on the phone usually twice a day and I saw him only once during that time. The next time I saw him is when he surprised me and moved back to Utah!

Thursday will be our 4 year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been that long already! It's so funny to think about the questions I flooded Duane with 10 years ago. I must have somehow known that one day, they would all be worth it!

This week I have been having SO much fun looking for some Vikings stuff to get him! (Another perk...we BOTH loved the Vikings before we even knew each other...A man with fabulous taste!!) So far, I got him a deck of black, Vikings cards, a Peterson jersey, a Vikings bobble head, and I found this awesome site where you can custom make shirts so I had planned on making him a shirt but I wanted to make sure that it would be one that he would absolutely I gave myself, and told him about that part so we could make it together so that way I knew for sure he would love it! So, I'm ordering that today! I can't wait :) (I'll post pictures when I get it all put together!) I should have started sooner, because I doubt it will all be here by Thursday. Oh's the thought that counts. He is going to love it all!

Oh, and as it turns out he doesn't like NSYNC. Not even a little bit.

Also, as it turns out, he didn't like any CD's that were in my case, at that time. He has definitely changed my taste in a fantastic way!

I Love You Babe!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's really on my mind when I'm sleeping?

I do the craziest thing some nights.

In fact, it's probably a good thing that Travis loved me before these crazy things started happening because, some nights it's probably enough to send someone packin!

Most nights though, it's funny and most of the time when Trav tells me about these things, I have absolutely NO recollection! It's insane!

I talk/sometimes get up in my sleep.

Last night I apparently sat straight up from a dead sleep. When Travis asked me what I was doing I replied "I have to put my shoes under the bed so Trey won't lay on them." Now he's just learned to agree and let me do what I need to do. Before he knew, he would act super confused and I would actually talk back to him, haha! I know if the tables were turned and he was a sleep talker, I would most definitely have conversations with him!! I remember my sister, Kassi used to sleep talk all the time! We had some funny conversations and I would keep asking her more and more questions until she confused herself and laid back down to go to sleep!

It's so crazy though, sleep talking. The times that I remember(which last night I remember actually getting up and putting my flip flops under my bed!)it seems SO LOGICAL at the time. Like, why WOULDN'T I be putting my shoes under the bed. It just makes so much sense!

I asked Trav this morning if Trey (our dog) was anywhere around my shoes when I jumped up and he said nope. He was over on his bed (clear across the room from me) sleeping.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, awhile ago a friend from work (thanks Heather :))got "glitter toes" done at the salon that she works at. They looked fabulous!! So fabulous that I decided I would try the "cheap" version of them...meaning I would do "glitter toes" to myself, haha! It actually turned out really cute!!

Can you tell which one was done in a salon, and which one I did?(Double click on the pictures to see a little better)

To me, it's obvious that the purple ones were done in a salon but I still am pretty happy with the outcome of my attempt! I might actually try that purple next, I LOVE that color!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just chillin...

I swear he knows I want to take pictures of him when he crosses his little legs and he purposely gets up (to follow me) whenever I grab the camera. It takes me forever to finally have the camera on me when he decides to cross his legs, but isn't it 100 percent worth it?? Look how adorable he looks!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trey the Turkey.

Nuff said.

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