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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two random stories, one post.

Monday was my birthday so I decided to take the day off and relax! This obviously didnt happen. I did some running around with my Grandma (for my expecting bestie ;)) and then went home and cleaned the house really good (LOVE that feeling!) All in all it was a pretty good day. So, anyway...onto my story. Trey's got this thing with following me. Everywhere. I. Go. --Yes, this includes trying to sneak in the bathroom behind me--He's a crazy sometimes. I'm making my way throughout the house, cleaning and dusting and such, and he is of course, right behind me. I go to hang something up in the closet and close the door behind me, continuing what I was doing. About 30 minutes later I go back into the closet to hang something else up and guess who calmly walks OUT of the dark closet? Yes, you are right. The dog who followed me IN the closet, Trey. Haha...Wonder if he thought he was in trouble. I didnt even notice he was in there...he didnt bark or scratch or anything...he just hung out, in the dark closet and waited for mom to come get him. What a good boy.

Did he learn his lesson you ask?


I found this out yesterday. I am putting my makeup away in the bathroom and go to turn around to put something in the cabinet and trip over Trey, almost falling down and saving myself using the toilet. Close one? Sort of. On my way to brace myself on said toilet, I bump a shelf with a glass cute lil thing on falls and shatters all over the bathroom floor. I head to go get the broom and see Trey CHEWING on a piece of glass! I swear my first grey hair will be from him. I clean up the glass and go to put the broom away and Trey decides to follow me *shocker* and also decides that he is scared to death of me walking with a broom so tries to run but is on the kitchen floor and just slips. into his food bowl. that I had just filled. spilling all of the contents. ...I love you Trey :)...

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

"Does this really work???"

"Haha, thanks for the hint. I know I need to loose a little weight, but that was pretty straightforward."

"Where did you find these pills?"

"How much did you lose and how much did it cost?"


I was too.

These were some of MANY offline messages I had this morning when I came to work. I was completely confused to say the least. Apparently at 1:36 AM someone decided to hack into my e mail and send out this message to EVERYONE on my contact list:

wooten0587 said:
Hey, how are you. Just wanted to let you know about these new supplements I tried. I lost 12 pounds in just a week and a half. Best thing, it only cost me $5. Check it out here: (Insert a web url that will enable someone to hack into your computer here)...(I took the real one out to save you all!)

Yeah. That made for an interesting morning.

Letter posted all around call center basically saying ignore Jessica. My favorite part about this is EVERYONE knows it was from my IM. It's not like the username isn't a dead giveaway or anything. What a lame hacker person. I do not like you for a variety of reasons:
1)This is my work account...with a personal password...and that's just sort of freaky.
2) Yeah, it was good for a good laugh however, I work in a call center and there are over 300 employees who received this message.
3) 50% of employees probably think I truly sent it to them and now are under the impression that I market illegal, cheap, miracle drugs as a second job.
4) I'm sure it offended some. I mean is there a more direct way of saying "hey need to lose a few?"
5) I had to change my password and HOPE this doesn't happen again!
6) I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to change my passsword. Had the brilliant idea of saying I "forgot" it and was unable to answer the very generic question I choose for myself 4 years ago when having set up this account. "A food I like" Really? Did I really do that to myself? After 3 failed attempts (pickels, spaghetti, and jerky...I knew you were dying to know) THAT system locked me out of it because of too many failed attempts, lol.
Good news: We figured out how to change my password and it should be smooth sailing from here!!

To hackers worldwide. You fail.


Music is Life said...

Yeah I saw that at work and I was like uhhh what they hell?!?! everyone hates jessica!!!! hahaha then kassi told me the story!!!! hahahaahahaha

Courtney and Dan said...

Hackers DO fail. I'm sorry...I hate nerdy brainy people like that that clearly have no life.

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