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Monday, July 27, 2009

A request from the fam.

This is going to be uber hard without:

1) A large green van.

2) Being able to stand up next to said van and act something out.

3) Facial expressions.

But, because my family would love to see the story on here and because I'm not sure if I have ever laughed as hard as a result of experiencing this story, I will do my best.

Idaho is a windy state. You should know that prior to this story.

You should also know that my family used to live in Idaho and my grandparents or aunt and uncle would come and pick my sister and I up for the weekend/Christmas vacation/etc...

One trip from Utah back to Idaho though, will stick in my head forever and ever.

It had been about 20 minutes since we'd passed the Idaho border and the famous Idaho wind started. My Auntie Tammy, my Grandma, Kassi, Alexis, Megan, and Katie were all driving along, when the van started shaking pretty bad. The wind was really starting to pick up. My Aunt decided it would be best to pull over, and wait it out.

We pulled off at a rest stop and little old adventurous Jessica says "I need to get out and go pee." Between you and I. I didn't have to pee. I just wanted to be in the wind. It was crazy, crazy!! So, my smallest cousin Megan says she needs to go pee as well, I say ok, no problem...come on, let's go. Grandma informs us that we should really just hold it because the wind is really, really bad. Megan would likely fly away.

We convince her it is okay and proceed to the bathroom. It was windy. But walk-through-able.

We get back in the car and Grandma says she really needs to go, and asks if it was really bad...we let her know that yeah, it's pretty windy...but not that bad.

She decides to give it a shot.

(This is where a picture would be worth 1000 words, actually, a video would be worth $1000 dollars. Yeah, that's more like it.)

My Grandma gets out of the van and walks about 2 steps. She then quickly turns around, facing us and THROWS herself at the hood of the van, desperately searching for a place to grab on to so she is not taken away in the wind. In the meantime, her hair is standing straight up and slowly being swayed with the wind. It is making her at least 3 inches taller. She gives us a quick look like she is scared for her life and instead of making her way to the bathrooms, she (still holding on to the hood of the van) scoots her way back to the door.

In the meantime, we are in the van watching and trying our hardest not to laugh. It was EXTREMELY difficult. My Aunt turns around and says to us "When Grandma gets back in this car, I do not want to hear ONE person laugh at her." she was very serious.

Grandma opens the door and hops back in. We are all trying to contain ourselves, and then she calmly says "I think I'll wait."

Unfortunately Auntie Tammy's threat was not enough to keep me from absolutely losing it. I could not hold in the laughter anymore! Thank goodness everyone else thought it was just as funny, even Grandma after she was 'safe again'.

A few minutes later Megan is really starting to get worried. Stuff is flying around everywhere outside, making it hard to see the way and she asks "Guys, what if we start going again and can't see where we are going? What if we get lost???"

To which I reply "No worries Megan, Grandma can lead the way. We'll just have her get out and her hair will stand tall to lead us all."

We obviously made it there and back safely, but it was SO funny!!

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Music is Life said...

yeah you got the story like perfect!!! haha so funny!!! :)

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