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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th!! We definitely did :) We kinda relaxed at home all day...Shawn (Trav's brother) was over here for a bit with 250 CD's so we basically had the greatest music exchange party to date.

Then I made lunch.

Then we cleaned the house and ourselves up a little and went over to my Grandma and Grandpa's house for a BBQ. It was delicious. Alexis's dog was licking my toe, however...which was not delicious.

After we ate, we went downstairs so I could show everyone how to play tetris attack. Then I got sick of winning so we went back upstairs, hung out for a minute and we were on our way to my favorite place ever!! Sugarhouse Park for fireworks! I love the 4th of July for that reason!

Trav and I have gone the past 3 years but I have to say that this year was one of my favorites! We had a PERFECT spot! Right by the water, where the fireworks would reflect off of the little pond/lake. It was so pretty! We also had a fantastic view of the fireworks!

Here are a few pictures!

These ones are my favorite!

So, it was about the middle of the show and all of a sudden we hear a LOUD sounded like a chain saw...or a motorcycle...or a lawn mower, we couldn't decide but it was super loud and super annoying. We kind of ignore it, thinking it would go away...but no. It didn't, it was headache city for a solid 5 minutes...which is frustrating. People come to listen to the music, listen to the fireworks, and enjoy the show...not listen to this...sound. After about 5 minutes I sit up and look around thinking what the hell is this noise!! I sit up only to find a group of kids WITH THEIR PARENTS and a stupid remote control motor boat...really? Genius. About the same time I sat up, so did a ton of other people...and all at once the crowd (in our area at first, but then spread to about half of the park, lol) started screaming "TURN OFF YOUR BOAT!!!" It took not only that but someone physically getting up and asking them to turn it off! What jerks! Who does that?

So, I took this picture and thought something was REALLY wrong with my camera!! Come to find out...the little dots you see all over are DUST PARTICLES!! EW!! I had no idea...that is horrible...learn something new everyday!

We made the best slushie in the world.

Love ya babe!

Look at all of those people!!!

I just thought this would be a cool pic :)

Port-a-potties. Good to know. Even though I would hold it for 38947862 hours before using a port-a-pottie.

People ALL over!

And again...

Funny story...after the fireworks end, everyone always picks up their blanket/chairs and RUN to their cars so they can beat the traffic...well, there is a pretty big intersection that most people have to cross in order to get to their cars (1300 E/2100 S) Well, we happened to make it to the intersection before the police did (along with 10,000 other people!!) It was the funniest thing ever...NO organization at all...and since there was probably 100 to 1 with people vs. cars on the road...the people had control! Everyone was just scattering all over the streets, crossing roads...basically STOPPING the cars. That part really isn't too funny...kind of frustrating...but just insane that there was that many people!! The funny part is there was ONE little, red the middle of the intersection, stuck. hahaha, people were COMPLETELY surrounding the little car so it could go nowhere! Oh, and who came to the rescue? That's cop. He must have loved his job at that moment.

It's kind of hard to tell but this is a LINE to get INTO the gas station. Not to purchase your items, but just to get in to LOOK for said items!

Happy 4th everyone :)

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