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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Village Story

It was my first year on my own. 

I was 18. Interested in perfume, clothes, and girly stuff. 

Christmas finally came. Back then it was still a countdown. A day that couldn't come soon enough. (When exactly did that change?!--I swear the years are getting shorter, time is dwindling faster, and my list of to do's is getting longer.) 

In my (large) family, Christmas is a time to gather at Grandma and Grandpa's house. A time to get together as a family, and enjoy each others bliss while laughing our heads off, playing games, and eating the most amazing food. Each member of the family usually buys for the rest of the family, meaning the pile of presents passed out is huge. Grandma never followed the rule of one gift per person. She DID however, keep track of everything. She made sure to be fair to each person, and would sometimes buy someone a pack of gum to even things out. 

 As I sit there with Travis at my side, we're shaking, smelling, knocking, and guessing each of our presents. I'm completely confused at the number of similar sized boxes from Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma is so excited, telling me to be patient! 

We go around the circle for the first time, taking turns opening our gifts..."Ohhh-ing" and "Ahh-ing" and then it comes to me...FINALLY!!! 





I open the first box. A house made to be displayed in a Village at Christmas time. 


I mean...the thought is nice...but Christmas is over...and I'm not all that into decorating anyways. 

I smile, hoping my face is not showing what I'm thinking. "When will I ever use this?!" 

Fast forward an hour, multiple Village houses, lots of little people, and fake trees later, we proceed to eat dinner. 

Grandma (excitedly) tells me about her Village (which I can remember from the time I was very little.) She explains how she uses phone books to give it definition, and how everyone just loves it. She shows me her secret stash of fake snow (with glitter) that you "Just can't find anymore"--Grandma's favorite phrase. She tells me that she knows one day, I will put very good use to the items I got for Christmas that year. 

I don't believe her. (I was a little brat.) 

Fast forward again. 

Seven years later. 

I anxiously await the time where I can pull out the Village houses, lots of little people, and fake trees. I convince myself that even though Thanksgiving hasn't come yet, it's not TOO early to setup my traditional Village.

I will always and forever cherish these little houses. The little people who live in a world that I set up, and display. 

As the years pass, I've been around for multiple Christmases. I've received lots and lots and lots of gifts. I've had the years where there's one thing, and one thing only that I want (and get). I can think back, and it's hard to remember everything I've been given, even if it WAS the one and only thing I wanted. 

The one Christmas that stands out the most, the Christmas where I was given something very special to me, by the one person who knew me best. 

Who would have thought? 

Oh, that's right. Grandma. 

I love, and miss much.

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