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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camping Trip!

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Boys and Girls. I broke 100 posts today. I think that's pretty awesome.

The post I have to break it with is going to be really lengthy only because I have a TON of pictures I need to upload from this weekend's camping trip, so sit back...grab some popcorn, and be excited! :)

I absolutely LOVE the pictures where everything reflects off of the water! I took this one out in the middle of Teapot lake while we were fishing on the raft.

Trav's first decent sized fish. (The ones we caught in the river were about half that size!) And look how colorful and pretty he/she was!

If you look pretty closely, you can see a really tall tree with something on the top of it! Well my friends, that is an EAGLE NEST!! Not only did we get to see the nest, but we saw a couple eagles flying to and from it all day while we were in the raft!

Ok, so this is just your normal, every day sign, I know...but it means so much more to me. This sign is victory for me. It's bragging rights and therefore, I love it. A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend at work who was telling me that her husband had gone up to Teapot lake (in the Uinta's) this year and did very, very well...catching fish almost all over a foot long. I then go home and proceed to tell Trav that when we go camping, we need to make a stop at teapot because we pass it everytime and have never tried it out. He looks at me like I'm retarded and says "There is no teapot lake in the Uinta's. You're crazy, and thinking about something else." We argue about it for a minute because I KNOW I am right. Finally I give it up and end on the fact that I will just show him the lake when we're in the mountains. He then comes home the next day from work and says "I checked with everyone at work and no one has heard of a Teapot lake...I have been going to the Uinta's before you were born (according to him, he has experienced a lifetime worth of things "before I was born") and assures me, once again that there is no Teapot lake. I just agree and think to myself this is getting better and better. So we get up into the mountains, go to our spots, get all set up and all that fun stuff and decide to go to the lake. We pass Lilly and Lost lake, which I told him Teapot was right there...and we don't see Teapot for some reason so I get a boatload of crap from him of course. At that point I was kind of confused...I could have sworn it was up there...right by those lakes. So, the next day we decide to go to Mirror Lake which is about 5 miles up the road from our campsite and on the way happened so perfectly. At the same exact time we both noticed something. I notice a sign that says "Teapot Lake" and he notices an unfamiliar body of water. He says to me "Hey, what lake is that?" I look at him with the largest smile ever and pleasantly say "Oh that? That's Teapot Lake."
I win.

Trey went with us and it was his first camping trip ever, he loved it. He honestly peed on every. single. tree. at our campground, and if you notice at all from the pictures...there are quite a few. He was a busy little boy. This picture however, is one showing what the cruel mosquitoes did to his face!! It got worse that night too :( We felt SO bad. After we noticed, we put some bug spray on him and he was freeeeeeeaking out haha...running around everywhere...chasing the smoke from the fire...rubbing himself on the dirt, just bein crazy...but it worked and in the morning he was much, much better, and less swollen.
*disclaimer- Trey does not have a big just appears that way in this picture because of the massive amounts of mosquito bites on his face. He would appreciate that I include that.*

haha. In this picture, there is a little chipmunk. Again, even though I took PLENTY of pictures this camping trip, I wish I would have had more pictures of this little incident. So, I'm sitting on a chair by the fire, just relaxing and all of a sudden I look up to see this chipmunk on a rock about 20 feet away, eating something. I instantly look at Trey to see if he has noticed yet. I got Travis's attention and we both look over to see Trey move his head back in disbelief and confusion...he has never seen anything like this before. So about .5 seconds after doing that, he gets up and RUNS to the rock to go figure out what this thing is. The chipmunk...probably having done this a time or two before, runs up the tree. Trey hurries and hops up onto the rock and puts his two front paws on the tree, as if he is going to be supertrey and climb it. That obviously wasn't going to happen. So he stood there, and waited. As did the chipmunk, in the tree. Finally Trey got tired and came back over by us to lay down. Sure enough, minutes later, the chipmunk is back down on the rock. Rinse, lather, and repeat. Trey runs back over there...chipmunk runs back up the tree. This happened about 4 times before Trey figured he was going to try and outsmart this little chipmunk. Instead of coming all the way back over to lay by us, he laid closer to the rock, so he didnt have to run as far and so that he could catch this little thing. His plan obviously failed but he is a trooper and played with this little chipmunk for about an hour! haha
It was thundery for a little while but all in all it was perfect weather!! It was still pretty warm when it was thundering, and the thunder was pretty far away, just cool to listen to!

You can kinda see his swollen face here. I just mainly love the crossed legs. They force me to bust out the camera every single time.

We had fun stocking up the fire and cutting wood!

Small view of the sunset!

I saw a deer in our campsite!! So, by the time I went to grab my camera, a car had passed, scaring him so he crossed the street. At first I stood on the other side of the street and took a million pictures of him because I thought it was soo cool to be in that distance of a deer and have him just chill and pose for me (even though all of his poses were the same ;)) Finally I built up the courage to cross the street to get a closer pic and he still stayed there!!! It was so so awesome!

This was before he crossed the street.

Mirror Lake.
We took Trey fishing and I tried to get him to swim and it was the funniest thing ever!! I would tell him, "Trey! Go in the water!" and he would look at me like I was finally I had to take my shoes and socks off, roll up my pants, and walk WITH him in the water. At that point, I picked up a rock and threw it just past where the water started to get deep to see if he would take a swim, because he was loving the water and he didn't want any part of that!! lol He would run as fast as he could to the point where the water was about level with his neck then he would turn around and face me and slowly inch backwards. When he could tell that there was a dropoff, he would run back to me. haha. I suppose I will have to teach him how to swim another time.

Fishin till the sun goes down!

Eagle Pass view!

Trial Lake.

Acting like he owned the place...he would do this in between peeing on the trees.

We walked for about a mile down the river, fishing in the good spots. The walk down was so much fun...but the walk up? Not so much. I was able to get some really good pics of the river though, it has random waterfalls in some parts, it was gorgeous!!

Another waterfall.

And a baby one.

and last but definitely not least, one of my favorites :)


Anonymous said...

Hi. I have a blog at where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

Trav and Jessica said...

Yeah, that would be totally fine :)

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