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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Note to self.

Please, please, please put a spare key somewhere outside of your house, in your car, in your drawers at work, and anywhere else you may be at the time you next lock yourself out of something.

Thanks, bye.

**Updated** I wasn't going to write about my day yesterday since it seemed so repetitious but if this post confuses you, an explanation of my
day might clear things up. Thanks for taking the opportunity to create a post, sissy!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend...

...consisted of white marbles falling from the sky, (I have NEVER in my life seen hail this size. I was completely amazed. In the midst of being scared for my winshield and car's lives, I actually enjoyed watching it come down. I still cannot get over the size of iceballs falling from the sky. Wow!)
lots and lots and LOTS of rain,

and someones bright idea to do construction on a two-lane canyon on Memorial weekend-making a two hour trip home into a 3 1/2 hour trip home...
It was fantastic.

Other than those minor things, our Memorial weekend was great! We had planned on going camping, as we usually do. Travis's birthday is on May 23rd so it always falls on or around opening weekend for camping, which is fun...most of the time!

This time we were only able to camp for one night mainly because of the rain and partly because we were camping at Scofield in Price and I'm not going to lie, that place sucks!! Our tent was about 20 feet from the lake which at any other lake would have been great. Mostly because any other lake would contain fish. This one did not. I literally had my pole in the water at LEAST 20 hours and pulled out ONE fish. one. dinky. little. fish. In fact...I was so excited to reel this baby in and take him off of the hook that I forgot to take a picture of said fish. Travis had his pole in the water for about the same length of time and caught NO fish.

We ended up packing up camp and heading back to Price. We stopped at a little river on the way back, no luck.

We decided to go to a kiddie fishing pond in Helper. A fish is a fish, right? We didn't care about it being a kiddie pond!! We were just ready to catch some fish!! If I had a waterproof camera, I would have taken pictures but I cannot even explain the amount of rain that was coming down. So, for my cameras sake, she stayed tucked away in her case. It was so crazy!! What was even crazier was the amount of people fishing at the kiddie pond IN this rain, not even just kids either!! Maybe everyone was at Scofield and resorted to the kiddie pond...We got our hoodies and coats on and cast out into the water. I caught 4 or 5 fish before Trav even had a bite, lol...I always feel bad when that happens. I tried to give him my pole when I had another one biting and he refused to take the pole that "I" had just casted out! Fine!! He eventually got his first one, yay :) and the weather cleared up a little, which was really nice. We stayed there for about 5 hours. I caught around 10, and he caught around 6. It was a good end to a pretty crappy weekend. I love having someone who loves to fish as much as I do. We would look at each other at the same time, say "You ready" answer yes, and then both of us would cast back out.

haha, I forgot about this but when we first got to the kiddie pond, we went to the closest spot because we didnt really plan on staying very long because the rain was seriously coming down!! We agreed to each catch one fish and then peace out. It was SUPER windy and the wind was coming toward us, making it really difficult to cast out. I casted out and it didnt go very far, but I didnt care. I was cold and I knew the wind was going to make it really hard. So, I left it there. Travis saw how close to the shore it was, laughed at me and said "Let me show you how a pro does it." He then gets in his casting stance, releases his line, and steps back and BAM! slips and falls on the rock he was standing on to cast. hahaha. It didn't hurt anything except for maybe his ego. The awesome part is because it is such a small pond, a guy fishing on the other side of the pond watched it happen and yelled "Are you okay??" lol, so if anyone is wondering how a "Pro" casts in the wind and rain, ask Travis. He knows. He'll even demonstrate.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kate performing for Seventeen

I love this video! Kass and I went to see her perform a few weeks ago at a Graywhale and she was amazing, despite the fact that her bus broke down on the way to SLC and she was 45 minutes late AND had another show to go to so she only sang 3 songs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh, the irony.

Remember my new phone from a few posts back?

Well, I just figured out another fanTASTIC perk. Apparently when you download Google maps (Thank God for Google. One day Google will rule the world) you are able to type in an address and it will tell you the shortest route to get there, if you would like to see it turn by turn, you got it. If you are the type that would like to look at a map and see a little line showing you your path and where you are...(the where you are part is awesome because it truly moves as you move) you got it. And, if you are super horrible with directions, it will even show you a street view. That's right folks. It SHOWS you actual pictures of the streets that you need to turn on.

Only because you are dying to know, I will tell you that I use the map version along with the directions telling you exactly what the street that you need to turn on. Because you know, my phone can do that.

And only because you are dying to know, I will share this story with you.

This next story might be a lie. Or, it might be true. You decide. I'm not admitting to anything.

Lately, because of my newfound love for google maps on my phone. I type in addresses to every destination that I go, so my phone will tell me how to get there. Even...if...I already know how to get there.

With that little piece of truthfulness, or a lie, being said...I'll move on.

I might have told my phone to give me directions to work this morning and while I was driving I might have been on the phone with my sister and I might have missed the exit and my phone might have thought I was retarded.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm not sure if "Pickyness" is a word, and if so I'm not sure if I spelled it right but it fits so perfectly that I must use it.

I, once again, have looked through every layout on as well as delightful dots and I just cant find the one I'm looking for. I loved my blue and orange one but it didn't seem very spring or summery so I have been in search for one that does seem spring and summery. This is the one I am going to go with for now but I dont know how much I like it. It could change very soon! (Definitely around July because they have some SUPER cute ones for the 4th!!)

In other news, lately I've felt like there is something missing in my life. I feel this every single day when I wake up, non-refreshed. Today I figured it out. I really, really, REALLY need football season to hurry up and come. I can't use my Saturdays to be excited that my boys play the next day. I can't watch ANY football on Sunday and I'm having serious withdrawals. I can't look up highlights from the games on Monday and I cant be excited to go home Monday night so I can watch Monday night football at home, on my own TV. Most importantly, I can't talk crap show excitement that the Vikings won. I can't spend a day during the week to pick which teams I think will win and which teams will lose and on top of that, I can't brag about the fact that all most of the teams I picked to win/lose actually won/lost like I said they would. I have figured out that this missing portion is consuming at least half of my week. I vote for a longer football season, shorter break. Any seconds? C'mon...they make millions. They can tough it out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The. Funnel. Story.

Feel free to read anytime a laugh is needed.

How do I tell this story without giving a background on Oakley and the

Ok, so quick background. I am from a really, really small town in Idaho called Oakley. Here are a few facts to use as proof. There were 24 kids in my graduating class. Our graduation was held in a gym and there was a special slideshow about each of us on the projector. There is one gas station. There is one grocery store. The entire town knows, and is most likely friends with the owners of both. Sometimes on a Sunday when the only gas station was closed, we may or may not have called the owner to come and let us get some gas.

The only bad part about getting gas in Oakley was well, since it was the only gas station, the gas was at LEAST $0.10. higher than in "town" - - which was Burley, Idaho.

During high school I worked in "town" at Wendy's and drove the 20 mile one way highway everyday after school to go to work. I would hardly EVER get gas in Oakley because it was quite a bit more expensive. I would always just wait until I got to Burley.

A few days ago, I ran out of gas because I am horrible and try and push it until I basically run out. I'm apparently not a fan of pulling up to the pump and getting gas.

One day after school, I got into my car, about to head to work in Burley and noticed I was fairly low on gas. I thought about stopping at Searle's (Gas station in Oakley) and decided that I would make it to Burley so I would just wait.

I start on my 20 mile drive to Burley and make it about 14 miles until my car slowly. starts. stopping.

I pull over and wait for someone to pass me. Chances are really, really good that when someone does pass me...I will know them. I will then just ask if they would be able to take me the rest of the way into town so I can get some gas, and get to work.

After 5 minutes or so, sure enough...someone passes me. It just happened to be my best friends cousin. Someone I knew very well. He laughs because I am on the side of the road, and out of gas and pulls over to pick me up. We get into town and stop at the first gas station. He says "I'll just wait in the truck while you get some gas" "Okay, no problem" I go into the store and ask if they happen to have a gas can that I can borrow for a few minutes. They say no and that if I need a gas can, I would have to buy one...the ONE that they had for sale was less than a gallon, and about $5 dollars. Luckily for me, a guy in the store overhears and tells me he will let me use an empty gallon he had out in his truck. "Awesome! Thanks so much" We go out to his car, he gives me the empty milk gallon, and I'm good to go. I pre-pay, pump the gas, and head to the truck.

Here is where my blonde hair may have started to show.

I open the door of the truck. Hop on in...thinking to myself hm...this seems messier than before..oh well... I close the door and without looking up say "So, do you think we will need a funnel??"

I look up surprisingly to a deep manly voice (most definitely not Erik's) saying "I'm sorry?"

Lesson learned: Apparently when you are walking into a truck in which you think may be the one you came in, it is important to keep your head up, instead of looking at the ground while getting in. This is important so you can ensure you are getting into the correct vehicle because um, it's fairly awkward getting into someone else's vehicle and acting like you own the place (especially when it is the person who has JUST let you borrow their empty milk gallon and now they think you are asking them to take you to your car, AND get a funnel.)

Note to self: Please don't do that again.

When I looked up to see ...not the person I came with... I immediately re-opened the door and just got out, without saying a word. I look up to see where the right truck is (what a concept) and find Erik laughing harder than I have ever seen anyone laugh. I take my gallon of gas and make my way to the correct *truck. On my way, the guy whos truck I just got out of, rolls down his window and says "Ma'am. I am not sure if you will need a funnel or not. It depends on what type of car you have, but that would have to be a question for the person who is taking you to your car."

Thanks dude.

*for the record, and in my defense...both trucks were white. both were big. they were parked RIGHT next to eachother. anyone could have made this mistake. :)

Happy Thursday, everyone! Enjoy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Final Poker Tournament

This will be my 4th post today of things which all happend this weekend!! Definitely proof of this post.

I enjoy playing poker and it is something I do every once in awhile. I play for an organization called "Wasatch front Poker Tour" and every quarter (3 months) they have an "invite only" final tournament where you can only play if you have done well over the 3 month period and built up enough points to be able to play.

I participated in the final tournament this last Saturday.

There were 90 total people who were playing, the top 8 would be payed. 1st place would get $900. I would have obviously loved to come in any place in the top 8! Eigth place paid out $60. (It is a $5 buy in tournament) HOWEVER, I placed 10th. That is something we call the "bubble" basically I came SO, SO, SO close, but not close enough to make the money. It is a good thing, that I made it to the final table out of that many people, but to go that far, and all for nothing, was kind of lame.

Oh well though, there is always next quarter.

My project...

-So, this was about to be the longest comment in history so I decided I should just have it be an addition to the post in case anyone else wanted to know, but didnt look at the comments. Sorry if it is super boring for you.- (Actually, no I'm not. Get over it and get crafty.)

Reply to Kelli's comment:

Thanks lady!!
I will just post them here. I had orignially planned on it but I had already posted soo much, I didn't think people would want to read 4 novels, lol.

So, this is what you need:
SoBo glue (craft glue)
StyrofoamSponge/Paint Brush
Little silver pins
Scrapbook paper (Make sure you get matching ribbon)

When you are choosing the scrapbook paper and Styrofoam, it is obviously going to be personal preference but I bought 2 sheets of styrofoam. They were about 1 in. thick and 36" in length, and 12" in. wide.

Mix the SoBo glue with water. It should be 2:1. i.e. 4 tablespoons SoBo glue to 2 tablespoons of water. (Depending on how much you need)

Next cut the styrofoam sheets into 12x12 squares to match the size of the scrapbook paper.
Take each square and cover the outside edges (all 4) with ribbon. I will have to do a close up picture of this but you can pin the edges however you would like. I chose to do 6 pins on each side, just because I liked how it looked. You can barely see the pins, but it still looks cute :)

Once you have the ribbon on all of the squares you can start to glue!

Take the paintbrush/sponge and spread the glue over the entire top of the styrofoam square and place the scrapbook page on top of the glue.

Flip the entire square upside down an place something heavy on it.
**This is one of the things I should have done better. When I put something heavy on it, I didnt make sure that it covered the ENTIRE square...So, the edges didnt glue down all the way. (It's hard to find 4 big, heavy things, lol)**

Let it COMPLETELY dry before removing the heavy thing or else the glue will show through on some parts and it will be wrinkly. (Another mistake I made. I let it dry overnight and they were still a little wet but, because my house was a mess cuz I used random household items as my heavy things and I had the four squares laying out in the living room and I was slightly anxious to see what it looked like up on the wall, I gave in and hung them up.)

Then once they are all dry, you are good to go :) They are so, so, easy to hang up to because it is styrofoam! You just put the nails halfway in the wall and push the square onto them!
Have fun with it!

Original post follows:

This post is for Kelli :)

I attempted something this weekend that I am going to post a few pictures of. I am not 100% happy with the result so I am going to try it again in a few weeks because now I know what to do differently, but here is what I worked on this weekend.

Some wall art!
The lighting sucks and the picture is from my phone so the quality is not the best, but it is a super easy and very cheap project that I look forward to perfecting :)

Fresh out.

"Out of gas, out of road, out of car I don't know how I'm gunna go"

Travis and I used to always joke that these Modest Mouse lyrics fit Kassi perfectly. For awhile there, she was calling, almost weekly because she ran out of gas.

As much as I DON'T want the lyrics to apply to me, they did this weekend.

Trey and I were on our way to the gas station, after leaving the park and because I have a really bad habit of letting my gas light come on before I get gas, we ran out of gas in the middle of pulling out of a parking lot. We were halfway in the parking lot, halfway in the street and my car would NOT go any further :(.

I called my Grandma first thing to see if she would be able to bring a gas can out...and a *funnel and she told me she would be able to do that and would be on her way.

In the meantime, I decided that I should put my car into neutral and try to at least push it back into the parking lot so it was out of the way, and so that people would stop pulling up right behind me and honking because I was taking forever to turn. Hello people. I have flashing blinkers. What does that mean to you?? I tried my hardest and failed in my attempt to move my car by myself. So, I got back in my car and just waited.

A guy pulls up. I judge him right away. He looks dirty, has kind of a lot of facial hair, I'm kind of worried, hoping he doesn't ask if I need help. I roll down my window and he asks "Is everything okay?" I answer "Yeah, I'm just out of gas, everything is fine :)" He says okay and pulls off.

About 5 minutes later a lady pulls up behind me and walks over asking the same question. I provide the same answer and she asks if I would like some help in moving my car into the parking lot while I am waiting for someone to come. I tell her that would be fantastic.

I get out of the car and we both go to the front of the car to start moving it and that guy pulls up again...

I look at him kind of confused but thinking...maybe he just feels bad that he didn't offer to help move the car, so he was coming back to help.

I was wrong.

This guy (let's see if I can do this without tears this time) went to the gas station, filled up his gas can, brought it back to me, and put the gas in my car.


I handed him $5 , thanked him over and over and over and told him that he didn't have to do that and the only thing he said was "Well, I did have to. I have to be a good Samaritan."

How horrible of me to judge such a great guy.

He really took the time out of whatever he was doing, went to the gas station, and brought me back gas. What a lesson I learned. I love finding these types of people out there. What a nice guy. I will definitely pay it forward! :)

Friday was such an eventful day!! I pulled up to the gas station to get gas, put in my debit card and it said that it was unable to authorize, see cashier. I walk inside and tell the lady that I need to put $35 in pump 2. Simple, right? It took around 5 minutes of her trying to get it to work before she finally asked me if I would mind moving to the pump behind it because for some reason, that one was having problems. I said that would be fine and she said okay, go ahead and enter your pin. I look up at the price and it says -Amount $435, correct?- Yeah, she accidentally over charged my by $400!! It's a good thing I caught it. I was as nice as I could be considering I had just been crying the entire way to the gas station and felt bad about anything and everything, lol but that was crazy!

*I've got a fairly funny story related to running out of gas and a funnel that I will share one day. Remind me ;)

Trey and I go to the park

Friday after work I went into my room to change and saw Trey doing this:

haha...I took it as a hint and got him ready to go to the park. It was quite the eventful trip to the park...of course it I ever have trips that are un-eventful? Very rarely.

Unfortunately Fortunatley I do not have pictures of what I am about to talk about as it might have been one of the dumbest ideas I have come up with. ever. in my entire life.

So, some of you may or may not know that, for the time being, Travis has moved back to Price to go to school for welding. It has been really rough finding a job down here so we decided it would be best. That being said, I am now making trips to the park alone with Trey. When Trav and I would take Trey to the park, we would bring his ball and play fetch with him so he is able to really run around and kinda strech out. I never worried about taking him off of his leash because Travis was there and he listens to me, but I have to admit (hopefully Travis doesnt read this...he can't know that I am admitting to this :)) that he definitely listens to Travis. Travis definitely is the pack leader in Trey's eyes so it only takes him one time to tell Trey something it might take me 2 or 3 times to tell him, unless it is shake, other one, sit, or high five, you know...the important stuff. Anyway, so here we are at the park. With the ball to play fetch, and our retractable leash and I'm contemplating letting him off of the leash without Trav so we can play fetch. I look around and see 1) TWO soccer games going on, 2) At least 10 other dogs walking with their owners, and 3) 96 kids at the skate park. I decide that I should keep Trey on his leash. He's just a little too friendly for all of the action going around.

I still wanted to play fetch because he needs his excersize. He is a dog. He needs to be able to run around and play. So, here comes idea numero uno. Why don't I just sit on the bench and throw the ball about 20 feet out, where I will be able to keep him on his retractable leash, and he will be able to still run out and get it? That will be's a win win situation :).

We played that game for approximately 5 minutes before Trey gave me a look like really? Are you want me to run for 5.4 seconds to get a ball and bring it back? C'mon now...

This is where idea number two comes into play. I decided that I still shouldnt take him off of his leash so what I was going to do planning on doing was throwing his ball as far as I could, like we usually do, and let his leash retract while I am, in the meantime, running along with him to get his ball.

Sounds like a fantastic idea, right?


Apparently dogs run at speeds much, much, MUCH faster than Jessica's running speed. (This proves that I can only run 12mph on a treadmill, when forced...but that's another story in and of itself)

The result: Jessica continuing to have a death grip on Trey's leash, knowing she is not making enough steps to keep up with Trey, and falling down about 1/3 of the way to the ball.

Unfortunately Trey is a trooper and CONTINUED to go for his ball, dragging me along. haha. That was definitely the first and last time we will try that trick. I am sure the soccer kids got a kick out of that one.

After that, I figured I have used all of my resources and that I am just going to trust Trey off of the leash. He listens to me, don't get me wrong...but you always have to worry when there is just so much going on.

So, we continue on our walk through the park.

Stop at what seems to be doggie marking domain heaven.

and start fetch off of the leash. It (thank goodness) went very well. He was distracted by other dogs a few times but they would come and say hi and he would get over it and we would get back to fetch.

One time I threw it and he ran (very quickly) to go get it and stopped all of a sudden, looking kinda confused. I'm thinking...what is he doing?

I catch up to him and this is what we are both staring at:

Yeah, that's his ball. In the middle of the river in the park.

Trey has NEVER willingly gone into any sort of water. (Yes, he tries to fight the water coming from the hose, and I do lift his 47lb body into the tub) He looked at the ball for a few minutes, really confused. Finally after me telling him to go get it, he decided to give it a shot. He did the following pose, in combination with pawing at the water for about 5 minutes before actually getting in.
After he finally got in, he loved it!! It was hard to get him out of the water! In fact, he acted like he owned the place after about 10 minutes. He wasn't down with the idea of sticking his face down in the water to get his ball so again, confused look. He would try to move it around with his paw but realized it wasn't going anywhere OUTSIDE of the water. It was a pretty awesome experience. I had to keep saying "Trey! Get your ball buddy :)" Everytime I said that, he would move it a little closer to my reach, finally we got it under control and I was able to pick it up out of the water and we were back in business. After we got home, I started a *project and Trey slept. It was a fun day, minus the bruises on my leg from the fall and slide. ;)

*I will post about this next.

Friday, May 8, 2009

All at once

Here's the thing. I try to be as diligent as possible at posting at least twice a week but you know what...lately NOTHING has come up. I guess I could still write a post saying "Hi, thanks for taking time out of your day to type in my really long blog address only to find this update letting you know that the blog still exists, I lead a pretty uneventful life and, I am still alive and well. Have a fantastic day."

That would be good. It would count as posts, right? (I'm not going to lie...hitting 50 posts was a pretty fantastic thing for me :))

Anyway, the all at once thing. So uh...I'm going to admit to something that in my head makes me feel like a total blogger nerd but's to hoping I'm not the only one doing this. Most Some days I hope for things to happen in which I can later blog about. See, I most definitely look out for my readers. I love reading blogs so I know the feeling of going to a blog and seeing something new to read, almost daily. So, I try to return the favor!

The hard part? Nothing ever seems to come up! And, finally, when something(s) come is all at once. In one day. So, I am writing a novel every other week, instead of spread out, more frequent posts. *Note to future life occurrences- - please spread yourself out. I have a blog to keep up with. Thanks, bye.*

. . .

Yesterday, I added something new to my life and I feel like everyone should know about it because um, besides this picture...

It is my favorite thing right now.

Ready for it?

*Insert Drum-Roll*

BAM!! Here she is. Lookin' all cute n' stuff. My life will never be the same. I am so, super excited!! I have never had a phone with more than 5 options so, this is a pretty exciting thing. I probably wont be a blackberry expert for a few days but, it will come. I know it will.

Another fantastic thing is my sister has the same phone so she can help me along the way. In doing just that, yesterday she messaged me and said "Go into bb messenger and press sym sym twice. You will love it" Sounds easy enough, right? So, I go into bb messenger, curious to find yet another thing I love about my phone and I type s y m s y m. Hm..nothing. Kassi doesn't know what she is talking about. I then put my phone down and go back to what I was doing. Later that night, I am looking at the different buttons on my phone and come across one that says "SYM" apparently Kassi did know what she was talking about and I am a freekin idiot for actually typing symsym into blackberry messenger. It actually brings up a myriad of SMILEY FACES :)

In other news because, you know, the blog God's knew I was going to write about my phone so they figured hey...let's throw something else in for her to write about as well. After all, she hasn't posted forever. Yesterday I left work at 5 and had to run home real quick to get my debit card and be back to work by 5:30. During rush hour. Normally it is possible, but not when everyone decides that 5 is a good time to leave work. Anyway, I get to my house at about 5:20, run inside while thinking to myself...Okay...debit card, where are you? Oh ya, it is in the pocket of the jacket I wore yesterday. Sweet. I check the pocket and there is no debit card. Okay, um...OH, it is in the pants that I wore yesterday, I remember because I stopped at the store after work and instead of putting it back where it belongs, I put it into my pants pocket. I go into my room and look for the pants that I wore yesterday. They are not there. Wanna know why? BECAUSE I DIDNT GO STRAIGHT HOME AFTER WORK. I WENT TO MY GRANDMA'S HOUSE AND WANTED TO BE COMEFORTABLE SO I TOOK SAID PANTS OFF AND CHANGED INTO SOMETHING A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE AND PUT SAID PANTS IN BACK OF MY CAR. That's right. That whole trip home, in the horrible, annoying traffic, while I was in a hurry, all to get my debit card, was pointless as it was in the back seat of my car the entire time.

Love it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How do I know that I am good?

...Because last night when I went grocery shopping after work, I realized I forgot my debit card at home.

No, That is not the reason I am good.

I checked my wallet and I had $90 cash. I knew that I could NOT go over $90. How embarrasing would that be?? So, anyway...I get up to the cash register to check out and she tells me my total.


THAT, my friends...Is how I know I am good!

PS- There was no use of a calculator.

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