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Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Camping Trip--2010

Well we finally had a weekend where the weather wasn't cold and rainy so we went camping with Trav's family (Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Nephew's, and Nieces). My sister Kassi came along this time too, which I think is actually her first time camping with us, so that was really nice! I took lots of (but not enough) pictures, as always! Enjoy..and look forward to more during this next week...we're going camping again this weekend!! Woohoo!

When we first got there, someone (genius) showed the kids how to throw rocks into the lake. They were occupied with this for about 2 hours! Then on Sunday when we were packing up, it kept them busy again, so that was awesome!

I know it's one of the most popular things to take a picture of, but I enjoy taking pictures of the sunset on the water, it's so unbelievably pretty!

Pictures from the drive up (we went to Scofield in Price, Utah) and some from the trip.

Trav's dad brought his boat but for the most part, we played on the shore. Tyler was SO excited to catch a fish. He kept saying over and over that "He just caught 4 fish last weekend, and was really good at it!"...He ended up catching the biggest fish this weekend, so he was pretty stoked about that!

With the little fire that we were able to make (Scofield has close to nothing for wood), Duane needed to retire an old American Flag. That was pretty cool. I'd never seen that done before. Some of the pictures turned out really good! I love the Stars one.

I can't wait for this weekend, we're going up into the Uintah's, where we usually go, and it's soooo pretty up there!! The fishing is fantastic, too!! I'll be back later to post some pics of this weekend. Trav was in his cousin's wedding last weekend as well and I need to get pics up from that. AND, my garden is starting to look more like a garden! My plants are growing and I need to update! Coming soon, I promise!! Dang it! I'm so behind!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Preview. Sit tight!

We went camping this weekend and I got some really cool pictures! It's going to take a few days probably to get them posted because I have a few setbacks (See: messy house, still need to unpack from my week of work in Price, Utah, still need to unpack from camping this weekend, sunburned, and tired) but here's one to enjoy in the meantime.

Oh, and my Etsy shop (Jump there with the button on my sidebar) showcased on Saturday. That's all sorts of exciting!!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Going camping this weekend and supposed to be getting stuff ready but I just had to pop in and share this story with you all. (Now that I'm done laughing and bawling!)

This little story features my sister, Kassi and my cousin, Alexis. Unfortunately I had no part in it, except for waking up to both of their texts, explaining the situation.

Before I begin--I'll give you a few facts about my sister, Kassi.
-Avid texter.
-Avid speeder.
-Due to some unfortunate circumstances, she's recently picked up another job. (Working for the US Census.)
-Avid sleep talker.

Today, we're able to add another to that list.

-Avid slexter.

What is that, you ask?

Well, last night at approximately 11:30pm, Alexis called Kassi. Kassi was asleep (See facts above) and did not answer the phone. Well, a few hours later (1:21am), Kassi awoke thinking for some reason she needed to text Alexis back. So, she did just that.

Here's the text:

Who colptede for theus cen benru_a?

Get it?

Me either.

After Kassi woke up, she realized that she had slexted (sleep texted) HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THAT BEFORE??? I sure haven't. In fact it's sort of creepy, but hilarious at the same time!

Kassi's *awake* interpretation: I'm with the US Census Bureau. Who completed the Census form?

Dear Kassi,

Keep work at work, and give your cousin a break. She's just barely out on her own. Give her a little slack when it comes to the Census forms, a?

Also, you only get a few hours of rest each night. Take advantage, and PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN for once.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Word to the Wise.

I can't remember how that saying goes. It might be word from the wise. But whatever. You get the point.

So, my advice today: Don't lock your keyboard and then clean it off. Apparently it's easy to press a combination of buttons that tell your computer to not unlock for you. The result is not pretty.

To buy: A working timer.

Apparently the one on the stove doesn't work. I learned last night that even though the timer still says "35 minutes," it's okay, and suggested to take the cake out of the oven after it's been in there for over an hour.


It was a good idea at first. It even looked good after it was frosted.

Don't ask how it tasted.

Also don't ask how many peices Trav ate in one sitting, because if I told you three, you would think that's gross.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guessing Game!

I finally started something I've always wanted to!!

Any guesses?

Here's a hint ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fishing, Crafting, Visiting, BBQing, Wanting, and Loving.

Love this!! Trey and Kassi, sharing a pillow. So adorable.

Ok, I'm going to have to blog a lot this week because if I see these cute puppy wrinkles every time I open my blog, I will give in and bring home another one, and Travis will not be happy. Must. Blog. More.
*Also, while we're admiring the beautifulness that is this puppy, if you can't tell he was trying so hard to get under our gate. Our neighbor's daughter was visiting and brought her two dogs (one of them being this puppy). The second the puppy came to visit, he darted to the gate and wanted to play with Trey, who was on the other side...doing the same exact thing. It was the most precious thing I've ever seen. If there weren't 42 dogs in our front yard, I would have let Trey out. He gets a little hump crazy, so instead, I brought wrinkles around to the back and they met. I really, really want another puppy.

Thanks to the long weekend, I was able to get a few crafts done and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. This one is a shadowbox frame with real objects inside (actual block letters, real (fake) flowers, etc..)

And this is just wood block letters. The first of many to come. I'm officially in love.

We were able to do some fishing, which was nice because I was pretty bummed about having to cancel our camping trip/ :( (See: Weather,yousuck!)

That just about sums up our Memorial Day weekend!!

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