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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vegas...check! Money saved...Check! Valid Driver's License...uhh...ohh..

Yesterday I realized something.

As part of my *lately* daily routine, I stare off into space for a good 10 minutes picturing what I think Vegas is going to be like. (The last time I was there, I was about 7 so I hardly remember anything.) Following the daze is usually a series of me google-ing must see attractions in Vegas, or looking at palm trees and hyping myself up because in 6 days, we leave for this mini-vacation. So. Stoked.

Back to my realization.

Somewhere in yesterday's daze, I imagined winning a lot of money and having someone ask for my ID.

Then I remembered something...which very quickly led to other things.

1) Last Saturday my Driver's License came up missing.
2) Even if I had my Driver's License, it expires on my birthday...which is in 4 days.
3) Vegas will not have sympathy for my lack of *or* expired license.
4) I should have thought of these things a LOT sooner.
5) Last week when Auntie Tammy renewed her license, she said it was an absolute mess.

So, I call the driver's license place and ask lots of questions. Turns out the lady was extremely helpful, but out of all the answers she gave me, I was a fan of none of them. Here is some of the information she gave me:

1) Right now is the busiest time for the DMV.
2) There is no such thing as an "online appointment"
3) There is absolutely no way to get a plastic license by the time I leave for Vegas next week. (They give a paper-temporary license and then mail out the plastic one.)
4) The DMV is not open on Fridays or weekends and they close at 6.
5) The DMV doesn't care about people who work Monday through Friday 9-6.
6) Wait times would easily be 2 hours.
7) I would have to take a test to renew my license.
8) I needed to bring my life story to the DMV with me because of "new procedures"


Very long story short...I called a big hotel in Vegas and told them there was no way I'd be able to have a plastic ID when I'm down next week because I had to get it renewed and asked if they'd take a paper ID. The guy was very nice and explained to me that yes, they could accept the paper ID as long as I had the old plastic one to show that it was expired and that's why I had a new one.


At this point, I'm mainly scared to call the bestest and tell her that I'm not able to go to Vegas because I don't know where my Driver's License is. She's a pretty scary bestest.

But I made the call. I tried to beat around the bush and tell her that Vegas will not accept the paper ID at all. No exceptions. And it worked like a charm.

Until she called me back a few minutes later...

Mari: "Hey! Guess what?! So, I just got off the phone with the DMV here and they said they print out the plastic ID's the same day, so I'm thinking you can just come to Idaho, say you moved here...and get an ID, and we'll be set! All you need to bring is your Driver's License from Utah and wa-lah..."


That conversation ended after some yelling and promising to find my Driver's License.

I retraced steps, called everywhere and finally, the last place I called....had it!!

After work I went to the DMV and I was in and out in 30 minutes. It couldn't have gone any smoother, so I can't complain!


That test I was supposed to take?

Never had to take it!

So, now that that little dillema has been taken care of...I'm back to daydreaming...I cannot wait!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Random bits...

Lately there hasn't been much going on...but just to have SOME sort of update for you (and me--when I look back and wonder why I was slacking so much) I'll ramble for a sec..

Still planning our trip to Vegas! It's coming up in TWO weekends! Holy cow, it seemed like suuuch a long ways away! We're all so excited though!!

We've decided we want to move (again, I know) somtime towards the end of March. Our lease is/was up in February and we just really want a bigger place! Since we're pretty content where we're at and the only reason we're moving is because we want a bigger place, I've been pretty picky so it may take a little longer to find a place! It's exciting though, I'm probably one in 100 but I LOVE un-packing and re-decorating so look forward to pictures in the (I was going to say near but we'll skip that) future.

Saturday we went to see Shutter Island and I'm not quite sure what to say about it. All I know is I was loving the movie throughout, and I was so excited to see the ending/conclusion. I'd never read the book and only seen the previews for the movie so I had NO idea. I wasn't all too thrilled with the ending though. It could be the blonde in me but it was super confusing! I didn't absolutely hate it though, and I'm considering seeing it again...just to process it all. Has anyone seen it? What did you think?!

On a similar note, we bought a PS3 about a week ago. This means two things...
1) Less time for cleaning and important stuff.
2) Travis will never let us watch another DVD again. (He's obsessed)
That being said, we drove about 5 miles (out of the way) yesterday to a Blockbuster that had Couples Retreat in Blu-ray and watched that last night. We absolutely LOVED it! It was hilarious! We love Vince Vaughn, so we knew it'd be a good one.

Anyway, I think that's about it :)

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a fabulous week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day--2010

*Woke up to a HUGE card, and the Ugly Stik (fishing pole)that I've wanted for a really, really long time-laying next to me. (If you read my last post, you now know that I was right. :) If not, go read it, and then you'll know that I was right!)

*Went into the living room and said "Told you"
*Laughed at Trav's adorable smile and blushed cheeks.
*Decided we were hungry, so I made pork chops and eggs for breakfast.
*Played a little Call of Duty.
*Discovered that we can listen to Pandora through the PS3, and fell even more in love.

*Talked about what we wanted to do later on.
*Watched the new Office--Valentine's Day episode.
*Made him watch last week's American Idol with me.
*Scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom while he played Call of Duty. (That's love)
*Got ready.
*Went to dinner at our favorite little Mexican restaurant.
*Went to see Avatar 3D at the IMAX (huge screen)
*Played some more Call of Duty.

*It was the perfect day.

Travis-Bad Liar / Jessica-Great Guesser.

Let's get the background stuff taken care of first.

Time period: One week ago.
Setting: Jessica and Travis, talking on the phone.
Length of phone call: Probably less than 2 minutes, because that's just how Trav rolls.

Travis: Oh, and by the way...I got your birthday present today. I think you're really going to like it. You've wanted one FOREVER!

Jessica: You did?! What is it? What have I wanted FOREVER? (Because that's always the first quesion asked, for some strange reason. I mean why not at least TRY and get it out of 'em then and there, right?)

Travis: Riiight..You'll just have to wait till your birthday!

*Later that night*

Jessica: So, I've wanted one forever huh...? Hm...Well give me a hint!

Travis: No! You'll just have to wait!

Jessica: Well why did you tell me!! You should have just kept it a secret until my birthday, now I might have to try and find it!!

Travis: You will never find it. (Which led me to my first clue)

Jessica: Well, Valentine's day is closer than my birthday and the suspense might kill me. (Hint..hint..) Just sayin.

*Even later that night*

Travis: Oh, and I'd tell you what else I bought today, but you're going to be I won't.

Jessica: Whatever you're trying to accomplish's working. I'm not scared to beat this information out of you. You wanna go rounds?

...I didn't really say that, but I should have...

Travis: I got my fishing license, I tried to get one for you too, but they wouldn't let me without your license! (We usually get them on the same day so they expire together, so he thought I would be mad, but it gave my my second clue so I was okay with it.)

Jessica: I've figured it out!!! I know exactly what you got me for my birthday :) It's an Ugly Stik, isn't it?!?! Thanks SO much babe!!! I seriously have wanted one for so long!!

Travis: No, it isn't. Duh, why would I get you an Ugly Stik?? That's retarded.

Jessica: You're a horrible liar. Thanks again though babe, I'll act surprised still! I love you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's good to know people who know...things.

A few weeks ago, I'd mentioned having a problem with my battery.

I so wish that it could have just ended there, but I guess for nothing else but a blog didn't.

Two days after buying the *brand new* battery, my car did the same thing. I was driving (this time, thank goodness, with Travis) when everything started to dim.

The car fortunately made it down the street to my Grandparents house but after making a few phone calls, *we decided it was the alternator. When on the phone with Midas, they informed me that to check said alternator, it would take at least an hour, and would cost 80 bucks.

*I say "we" because I feel all important and car educated after about the 5th phone call talking about alternators and batteries and connectors and voltage regulators, so I feel like I played a part in deciding what the problem was.

Me, being someone who is not a fan to PAY for someone to tell me
1) Here's the problem, and
2) We can get it fixed for you for the price of your first born, and only one arm... decided to keep checking around to see how one would test an alternator.

I called Checker and they said if we brought the alternator in, they would check it for free.

Can you guess what we did?

My lovely boyfriend who "knows things" spent 3 hours on Saturday, taking out the alternator and changing my oil while he was at it!

He then took it to Checkers, where it tested as a normally funcioning alternator!! :(

Now what?!

I call another Midas and talk about what *we think the problem could be and he informs me that he likes to test the alternator while it's actually in the car, under pressure. (Fans running, radio on, wipers on, etc...etc...) Tells me he'll only charge 80 to look at it and I could bring it in right away.

At that point my Aunt had come over so my Uncle could see what he thought the problem was. My Aunt "knows things" too, so she said to just call Pep Boys...and if she remembered right, they used to do the alt. test for free!

Long(er)story short, Pep Boys did the test for 15 dollars. It took 5 minutes. As it turns out, it was the alternator.

Poor Travis!

After putting the alternator back in, he had to take it out and replace it with a new one, one last time!

The good news though, is we're back in business and I haven't had any more problems!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little loves for today..

Valentine's Day is coming up quickly! I thought I'd share a few things I'm loving today...

This keeps me sane. The creator of Pandora needs a raise.

How could I not love a dog who will pose for me any also helps when he looks so dang studly!

One of my new favorite scents!

MAAHH DEE OHHH equals obsession. Except for Trav and I finally beat the game last night (Kass, you should have been there. There was excitement for all. Even Trey...except he didn't know why he was so excited. He just was, just because we were, I guess.) Now how will we spend our nights?! Nintendo, I'd like a Super Mario Bros. 2 please. I'd also like that sometime this week. Thanks.

Finally planning a *mini* vacation with the bestest and um...I couldn't be happier! Vegas, here we come!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Note to self:

If ever you want to call someone and save a little time by skipping the hello portion of the conversation, moving quickly to the point, please refrain from doing so. The person who answers the phone may not be the person you'd like to speak with. There are plenty of possibilities here including but certainly not limited to you dialing the wrong number, or simply, someone else answering your intended person's phone.

Just tryin' to prevent future awkward occurences.

Sincerely, me.

And now, the point for this letter to myself has (for once) nothing to do with anything I did. Just something I witnessed.

I figured that since I sometimes am the person who likes to save time and skip to the point; I'd give myself a heads up. After all, the call Grandma got last night from a frantic man asking if she was "in bed yet" seemed sort of awkward.

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