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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I FINALLY broke 100 :) YAAAY!

102 words

Typing Test

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now I need to break 100.

99 words


Minnesota Vikings, Favre, 49ers, and Dad's recap.

Alright, again this is a post where I wish MORE THAN ANYTHING in the world that you could hear audio. Remember the post where I thought I had the funniest grandparents in the world? Well, I've now come to realize that it definitely runs in the family. Most definitely.

So, you probably know this already but we are very, very, very excited about football season and watching our boys (Minnesota Vikings) play. We watch the games every single Sunday/Monday. No matter what.

This Sunday, my phone was dead so before the game, I plugged it into the charger and we left to go watch the game. Which...I'm not even going to talk about the game because I think you will get a pretty good, detailed explanation from my Dad.

We come home and I check my phone and it says I have FIFTEEN unheard messages. Yeah. 15 of them. I thought for SURE something was wrong with my phone. I thought maybe all of the messages were coming through from the weekend, or something. I don't think I've ever had that many messages at once!!

Anyway, so Kass, Trav, and I are all standing there, wondering who these messages were all from so I call my voicemail and put in on speakerphone.

The first one comes and it's my Dad. It's a little after half time and the 49ers (his team) scored the SECOND before the half so they are up by one and he is calling to inform me that his team is up on my team.

**Keep in mind that we have JUST come back from watching this fantastic game and we already know the end result. The end result was one of the greatest things that could have ever happened. So, we are sitting there laughing at how happy Dad is throughout the majority of the messages because we know (assuming all 15 messages are from him) that the last message he leaves is going to be epic. We know that the last message he leaves is going to include the update from the last two seconds of the game. It will be the message where he finds out that Favre makes an amazing pass and Minnesota wins the game. Yeah, we know his tone change in that one is going to be worth a million bucks.**

So...we continue to listen. And yes, all 15 were from my dad. Re-capping the entire second half basically. Since I can't figure out a way to get the audio on here, I will only do the last...and more important ones. Here are his messages, word for word.

First message sent Sunday 2:48pm.
*Sounds like the most excited person in the world* (There were 11 other messages with this same tone.)
Hahahahaha yaa hahahahah wooohooo 24 to 20, it's 4th down and 5 yards to go....and.... Favre did NOT get it woohoohoohoo YEEESSS!! 49ers got the ball with a 1:55 left hahahahaha woohooo! Love you!!! hahahahah

Next message sent Sunday, 2:51pm.
*Sounds like the most shocked/let down person in the world*
Well there is a minute 30 left, looks like favre is going to get the ball back, sun of a gun! Alright, we're still up but Favre gets the ball back! See Ya.

Next message sent Sunday, 2:56
33 seconds left 3rd and 10 to go Favre's got the ball, goin down field.

Next message sent Sunday, 2:59
Ohhhh 12 seconds, 30 yards to go, Favre's got the ball, 3rd and 3...he looks, he looks, he scrambles, he scrambles...OH NOOO he throws...OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD, he caught it!! Touchdown!! Sun of a gun, two seconds left!! I don't believe that!!!! OH I CANNOT believe it!! 2 seconds left, Favre's got a touchdown, OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. you won the game, I can't BELIEVE it!! OH I dont believe it. Oh my gosh. Oh...what...I just cant believe it. Hopefully he's out of bounds!! Nope, he's got it...that was good. Sun of a gun. Catch is good! Comin down, oh, perfect Touchdown. They got it. Sun of a gun. Alright love ya, call me bye.

By the end of the 15th message we were all crying. Dang it! I wish I could put the actual messages on here! SO FUNNY!

*Favorite part...look at the first message. There is enough hahaha's to last a lifetime. Then suddenly, they disappear. Just that quick.*

It was the BEST game. It's so nice to have a quarterback who can put out under pressure!! Wow. Did anyone else see the magic happen??

The Fair **Updated**

Click Here

To see "The Fair" post with pictures!! When I first posted it, I didn't notice that the pictures didn't show up so check it out again :) Especially the butter sculpture!! That still amazes me!

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

I did the NFL picks (Where you get a list of every NFL game happening that Sunday and Monday and you predict who is going to win the game) through Trav's work last week and I only missed 2 games!! I'm hoping everyone else missed more...Trav said the pot is usually around 200 dollars!! That would be so awesome! Especially since it was only 5 bucks to submit my predictions! Also, especially since I'm the only girl who attempted it. I will hopefully find out today and you know for sure I will post if I am a winner. Total bragging rights. So, hope for another post from me regarding this, until then...sitting. waiting. wishing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Trey's test to see just how much leeway he really has.

In the 3 years of Trey's existence, he's definitely mastered something. He's become a pro follower. It's a job he's quite proud of and one he takes very seriously. I know this because I've done a few experiments..

First I walked around a little, aimlessly. I ventured into the bathroom...then into the kitchen, then our room. My little follower stayed strong.

Next I sat down. He sat next to me. I stayed there until he layed down and got comfy. I knew for sure if I got up this time, he would choose napping over following. Experiment failed. Again, my little follower stayed strong.

I'm surprised he is such a fantastic follower after the one time where he followed me into the walk in closet to hang up some clothes and I (clearly, quite new to the having a follower business) closed the closet door with him still in there. In the dark. He stayed calm, however. The whole hour he was in there. Lucky for him I was doing another load of laundry!


Dear Trey, you have done a great job and you are a follower that many could (not necessarily suggested or encouraged) learn from.

However, you have started to master an art that makes me laugh a little, and also one that could get you into a little trouble if continued. When I tell you to get out of the kitchen because I am cooking...


Is pushin it...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The commercial that teases dogs.

I really, really, really, really wish I had a button to push that would automatically bring my camera to a certain moment, ready to catch it through either video or picture! That would be most definitely convenient!

Unfortunately this will have to be a post without a "caught" moment because I do not have said button.

Last night Trav and I were watching the Monday Night Football game when a Toyota--fuel efficient commercial came on. To show how "fuel effecient" Toyota's were, a couple was using their car to drive around looking for their dog. To do this, they were using those dog toys where you squeeze them and they make that kind of high pitched noise that is pretty annoying for anything other than this moment. (And maybe the 15 times that we rewound the commercial once I had my camera)

As soon as the commercial came on and the couple busted out their dog toys, Trey darted to the TV. He sat down RIGHT in front of it, directly in front of the speaker and had the most confused look on his face. Every time the couple would squeeze the toy, Trey would tilt his head. To make things even better (for us) and to confuse him even more, since they were looking for their dog they would say "Come on boy" "Come here" and whistle every time they would squeeze the toy. Trey was uber confused. I know he was thinking "Wait. I'm right here!! I can't get any closer!!" thus causing all of the confusion on his side. They would squeeze again and he would tilt his head ALL the way over to the other side. There were at least 6 tilts in the 30 second duration of the commercial. haha it's probably my favorite thing he has ever done. I WISH I had a video for you all! I promise we tried!! We watched that commercial around 15 times to try and re-create the tilting but I think Trey caught on once he saw me bust out the camera. He hates that dang thing!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The fair!

Last weekend we went to the fair with Devan and Kelly.

Besides paying a price equivalent to open heart surgery minus insurance, it was pretty sweet!! I forgot my camera so all of my pictures are lame phone pictures but at least I was able to get a few of em! When we first got there, we watched bear trainers play with two BEARS!! I don't think I've ever seen bears in real life, besides at the zoo...and all they do there is lay around so you are spending 90 percent of the time wondering if they are even alive, or what it would be like to just lay around all day. Totally taking the focus off of how rad the bears actually are. Not very cool. These were awesome bears though! One of them was a little baby and the other one was HUGE!! I still am not over it. Geez!! Anyway, they would have them dance, and take a bow, and dunk a basketball in a hoop and a bunch of crazy stuff! It was really fun to watch!

Next we walked around for quite awhile just looking around at all the stuff! There is TONS to look at! I got sidetracked by a stupid body pillow that was a hundred dollar bill. It just so happened to be a dart game too so I figured hey...I would give it a shot because I'm pretty fantastic at darts. So I walk up to the guy running the show/practicing for the auction.

"Hi, how much is this game?"
"Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere...somethin somethin....but no matter what you will get a prize."
"Okay but I really, really want that 100 dollar body pillow..what do I need to do to get that?"
"Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere...I'll give it to worries...Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere..Let's start with 5 dollars and we'll get you set up!"
"um, okay...whatever, we'll see how it goes."

So, I pay my 5 dollars and get 3 darts. I make all three.

Score!! I just won the coolest 100 dollar body pillow that I will probably just throw in storage or my closet. (I don't know why I wanted the thing so bad, really.)

Not so much.

Next was a series of him handing me darts mixed with Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere and squeezing in this one will be a free one, here and there. I was on a roll. I couldn't miss. I kept wondering why he didn't just let me stop and give me the dang thing. So, I finish and he says "That will be 20 dollars!" hahaha I look at him like he's crazy and tell him I'm not giving him 20 bucks. He never mentioned that I would need to PAY for the darts he just kept handing me. I asked what prize I had won so far and he hands me this little tiny, almost microscopable 100 dollar pillow and an ugly 100 dollar bill covered bear.

What a freak.

After that I became distracted by more money sucking things. Things such as "THE WORLD'S SMALLEST LADY!! COME TAKE A PEEK! Only 2 dollars!!" and "THE WORLD'S LARGEST ALLIGATOR, AND HE'S EVEN ALIVE!! COME LOOK FOR A DOLLAR!!" 1) I felt bad for the lady because she was sitting inside of a truck trailer, on a chair for way too many hours while people came in and stared at her. Horrible!! 2) I felt equally as bad for this HUGE alligator as he was also in a truck trailer in which he couldnt even move or turn around in! So sad!

We went into a couple of buildings with tons of people selling things ranging from art pieces, to knifes, to salsa and found the best home-ade jerky in the world. Then we stopped at another little kiosk with home-ade jewlery and I scored two sweet necklaces!

On our way out we saw a SCULPTURE made out of BUTTER!! It was 700 pounds of butter!! We were so amazed that we basically stared at it for around 10 minutes. It was so detailed and pretty big for being made out of butter!!

Of course we walked through some display mustangs on the way out so Trav insisted I take pictures! They were actually pretty sweet though :)

Around that same area we saw a go kart that goes up to 120 MPH!! Cool, but I would never, ever test that one out! We had a great time though!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's been up!

So, I've been sick. (Strep Throat sick :() That's why it's been forever since I've posted something. No worries though, I have many things to post about. Going to the fair. Seeing 700 pounds of butter put to good use. Visiting with friends from Idaho. Flopping a royal flush. Birthday Party pictures. New, pretty necklaces and such. So stay tuned. It is coming.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Combined birthday parties. The way we roll.

Sometimes when you have combined birthday parties, you have moments like these:

Because someone...not pointing fingers or anything, but this time it MIGHT have been Katie :) will write
"Happy Birthday Sissy! Hope it's the greatest! Love you!"
on her younger cousins birthday card...who just so happens to be a boy.

Note to self: In the future, make it very clear that the card being passed around to sign is for this CERTAIN person.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Allred, Chester French, Taking Back Sunday, Blink-182

Alexis, Katie, Kassi, and I went to see TBS and Blink-182 last night. The show was up in Provo at the McKay events center. (Provo + 112percent LDS town + (vulgar)Blink 182 + David O McKay Events center ... comedy.) The venue isn't the greatest, but the show was great!! Allred opened up and they are actually a local band from SLC. I actually REALLY enjoyed them. Chester French came out next and although the lead singer is a pretty good performer...I'm not a fan of the music. Next was TAKING BACK SUNDAY!! It was kinda lame because we had seat tickets (which is a big mistake. I'd advise anyone to just spend the extra 10 or 20 dollars and get GA.) We were by people who didn't know ANY Taking Back Sunday songs, which I guess is okay...I'm sure they were there for Blink so they saw what they wanted, but the experience is just SO much better when you are completely surrounded with people who enjoy the music as much as you do. People who, when they hear TBS play a song that is 5 years old, get just as excited as you do.

Here is TBS's setlist:
1.What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?
2.Sink Into Me
4.New Again
5.Set Phasers To Stun
6.Where My Mouth Is
7.Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
8.Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)
9.A Decade Under The Influence

I wish they would have played more from their oldest albums because personally, I'm not a huge, huge fan of their brand new album, or even Louder Now... It seems like it's getting so much more poppy and mainstream...but I was still equally as excited to be there, watching them. This was my 4th time seeing them. Love these guys. Definitely one of my favorite bands.

Blink 182 came out next and OH. MY. GOD. They sounded great!! This was my second time seeing them and this time was by far better. They put on such a fantastic show. For starters, peep this video: (close up, shitty sound.) (A little bit further away, but AWESOME!!!)

Here is the video, just for you :) ...and a little bit for my reference. I will watch it daily.

Here's the setlist:
“Feeling This”
“The Rock Show”
“Easy Target”
“What’s My Age Again?”
“I Miss You”
“Stay Together for the Kids”
“Stockholm Syndrome”
“First Date”
“Man Overboard”
“Going Away to College”
“Not Now”
“All the Small Things”
“Adam’s Song”
“Reckless Abandon”
“Anthem Part Two”
Drum solo
“Dammit (Growing Up)”

I thought it was a PERFECT mix of songs. They sounded basically the same (except for puberty voice changes haha...)

They put on one of the greatest shows I think I will ever experience. It was put together so well. The Encore was amazing.

Hopefully they come back soon! I will see them every time they come!

Oh, and P.S. Kassi and I were chillin next to the gate (remember no GA tickets=lamelamelamelamelamelamelame!) and ADAM LAZARA walks THROUGH the gate...about 3 feet away from us. He went in and chilled and watched the show for about 10 minutes and then left through the same gate again. We were screaming his name, but he didn't hear us :( He looked bummed...I'm sure because there was 2/3 more of a crowd there for Blink...but what can you expect? They have been around forever, and put on such a great show.

Plus, although it was so so so great for me to see TBS and Blink 182 at the same show, it was a little bit of a letdown because they are both amazing bands and I would have loved for each band to play a lot longer. I don't think it's a good idea to have two great bands tour together. They need to be seperate so each can have their own 2 hours to shine. TBS didn't play for long at all. It sucked. Blink was amazing though. The show was great! So yeah, show schedulers...when you read this stuff...get that handled next time :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Labor Day Weekend, so far.

Just kinda been hangin out. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking :)

We went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Alexis's birthday. None of us had ever been there, but it was delicious!! :)

Saturday Kyle had his first football game so a bunch of us went out to watch that. Here are a few pics from that. I'm so excited for football this year!! Can't wait!

They asked Mariah to help with holding up the banner so they guys could run through it when they came back from halftime.

I know it's probably a good month early but I always decorate the first week of September. I can't help it! I just get so excited!! Look how cute they turned out this year!

Tonight we're goin out to Grandma's house for a BBQ, should be fun!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some people...

"Hi, I am setting up bill pay and I need to find out what location I need to send my credit card payments to."

Lady at Old Navy: "Oh, Okay, no problem. Here is the address."

"Sweet, thanks so much!! That will be all!"

I then happily click the little bubble of the correct location and click next.


(Crap...I don't know what my account number is and my bill is at home.)

I call Old Navy back and for some reason, this time the menu is millions time more retarded. I press 0 6 times at the onsett of the menu, just as I did before..but this time, it disconnects me. Cool.

I call back and go through the options...enter all of my information and there is NO option for a live rep...but for your can go online to and every question you have will be answered. Right. Since you need your freekin account number to access your account online.

So, I call back a 3rd time. I finally get through.

Old Navy rep (from India): "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

"Yes, I just need..."

Old Navy rep: "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

"Uh..ya...I just need my..."

Old Navy rep: "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

Old Navy rep: "Due to either my phone being a peice of poop, or me not wanting to take this call I am disconnecting now. Bye-bye."

(He didn't really say that, but I know he could hear me. Cmon now. My phone was not on mute and navigated through the menu just fine! I know he was thinking that and would have said it if at all possible.)

I call yet again. I really need to get my bill pay set up. I need to pay them!

Old Navy rep: "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

"Hi, I just need to get my account number. I am setting up bill pay."

Old Navy rep: "Okay, what is the number on your credit card so I can pull up your account."

"Sure, it's... ... ... ..."

Old Navy rep: "Well unfortunately ma'am, we are unable to give you your account number over the phone, but if you have a statement available, it will be on there..."

"Are you serious? I just need it real quick. I need to set up bill pay. Can I make an account online and look it up there?"

Old Navy rep: "Oh, sure. You just go in, create an account, and put in your card number to sign up."

"Cool, so it won't ask me for my account number then?"

Old Navy rep: "Ma'am, your Old Navy card number IS your account number."

Awesome, this conversation could have only lasted 1 minute. After me saying here is my card number, you could have said...oh, well that is your account number. Why did you tell me that you COULDNT give me my account number after I JUST gave it to you??

OH man.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have the best job in the world.

If you don't already know...I work for Sorenson Communications. They are a company that provides relay (a way for someone who is Deaf of Hard of Hearing to communicate with someone who is Hearing.) for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. I work in the Training department and don't get to take calls as much as the people who just take calls, but once in awhile we take calls. It sometimes is a challenge taking calls, after you have not done it for so long. But other times, it can be the most rewarding thing ever.

Like today.

I have been taking calls for the majority of the day and on the last call I took, at the end of the call, the Deaf User simply said "Thank you so much for asking if I'd like another call. I don't need to place one right now, but I want to thank YOU so much for what you do. I really appreciate it. A lot."

Then came the tears...

Again, it seems like something so simple, but it just kinda hits the heart ya know? We are getting paid to do a service for people who really need it. It is so awesome. I love my job!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Call me selfish but this post is mainly for me. To remember. I understand that it's probably not going to be interesting to 90 percent of the people who read it but it's necessary. Modest Mouse is my all-time favorite band, and I don't ever, ever want to forget last night!

Marching Birds opened up for them. I'm not necessarily a fan of them so we didn't pay attention to them for more than about one song. It was nice background music though. We hung out upstairs on the deck, with couches. It was such a chill place, I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back...even if it isn't to go see a show. I wouldn't mind going up there to just hang out sometimes. It was super!

While Modest Mouse was setting up, we (Me, Amber, Shawn) started to look around the extremely packed venue to see how we were going to make it to the front to be as close as possible. As we were walking down the stairs to make our way toward downstairs, there was an intense heat wave the moment we started to get closer to the first floor. That didn't change throughout the entire show...but that comes with every's the only heat I will ever be okay with.

I loved the opening act. The lights were shining, Isaac came out...he didn't say anything, they just started playing Dramamine. One of my favorite parts of the whole show was the way he would switch up the lyrics and improv at times. It's so nice to watch someone you love, doing new things with songs you love.

Next they played Gravity Rides Everything and the entire crowd was into it, swaying back and forth. Again, one of the greatest things at a concert is the involvement. It is one of the greatest feelings ever to be around 2000 people who love the band as much as you do.

Fly Trapped In a Jar came next. It was perfect. They opened up with Dramamine, everyone was pumped because it's the first song, and a great song at that! They slow it down a little and play Gravity Rides Everything, gets the crowd swaying, great song, fantastic music. Then they play Fly Trapped In a Jar to get everyone all hyped up and excited again. At least 90 percent of the crowd was jumping, dancing, singing along. It was such a fun experience!

**About this time Isaac informed us that they had bought some cauliflower and broccoli to eat and didn't get a chance to eat it so he said he needed to find someone who could "take care" of said veggies and not throw them all over, so he picked out his people and tossed them their bags of veggies haha**

Never Ending Math Equation came next. A song that is a little bit older, but definitely a great song! Personally I think it's the funnest to sing, haha...Just how fast the lyrics go and what he does with his voice, it's rad. Isaac is a genius.

They played 3rd planet next. I don't even know what to say about this song. Definitely one of my favorites and so great to hear live...the dedication and feelings that come from this song are almost too much. (In a very, very good way :))

Next they played Here It Comes. I didn't expect them to play this song at all, but I am so glad they did. Such a great song!! Again, Isaac would change up the lyrics and use his special mic to make his voice (I can't remember what it is called) sound different and it sounds so sick!!

Satellite Skin was next and I wanted them to play this song more than anything!! It is one of their newest songs and I first heard it when they played it on Letterman. I fell in love right away and listened to it at least 3 times a day. It's amazing how awesome they sound live.

King Rat and Dashboard were next and they were the FUNNEST songs!! They are both songs that just get you pumped and make you want to dance right out of your little shoes. Which is what happened to a lot of people. So, so, so, so fun!

Next they played The Whale Song. Again, this was off of their new album, which is awesome...I really would have liked to hear the entire EP. I love every single song. This is definitely one of the better ones though.

Blame It On The Tetons was next. Definitely a classic. When I first started listening to Modest Mouse, this is one of the songs that really got me hooked, so it's great to hear them play it every time I see them perform!

Breakthrough was next and lasted around 10 minutes...they did a bunch of SICK guitar solos, Isaac changed his voice almost everytime he sang the chorus. It was amazing!!

The last couple of songs were The Good Times Are Killing Me, The View, and another favorite, Spitting Venom. Travis LOVES Spitting Venom so I wanted to call him SO bad and let him listen because it was perfect. Everything about it. Absolutely amazing. I wish I could have recorded the entire show so I could watch it every single day. It sucks that it's going to be at least a year before I get to see them again. But I will wait as patiently as I possibly can.

I was not waiting very patiently though, when they left the stage and we were waiting for them to come out for the Encore. I was SO happy that they played for as long as they did. I needed that in my life oh so badly!!! They waited about 15 minutes before coming back out for their Encore though, so that sucked. But it was well worth the wait, of course.

The second they got back onto the stage, Isaac walked up to the mic and said "UH OH SPAGHETTIO" lol, random but awesome.

They played Bury Me With It first which is sweet because that was the opening song two years ago when we saw them. How clever.

Next they played Tiny Cities Made of Ashes and it was bluegrassier than usual. It was so great! I love that song!! The crowd was SO into's a pretty popular song, so almost everyone knows it.

And then they closed with Broke which is crazy because I was thinking to myself in the middle of the show...if I could choose any song that I wanted them to play, I thought to myself it would definitely be Broke, and sure enough, they rocked the shit out of it. Thank God I was able to be there. I would have done anything to see them again, they are such a great band and Isaac is so amazing.

His very last words to us were "UH OH, SPAGHETTIO!"

Here's to hoping the next time I see them is within 3 months :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The greatest toilet paper run, ever.

Friday night Trav ran to Wal-Mart for me because we were out of toilet paper. It. took. him. forever! In the meantime I was in the living room with my sister and her boyfriend Jon watching The Hangover.

Travis finally got home and started putting stuff away in the kitchen. After about 3 minutes he says "Babe, come here."

When I got in the kitchen, he went out the back door and pulled these out of the car:

along with a bag of beef jerky! (my favorite) It was the sweetest thing ever.

After we finished watching The Hangover, I decided that I wanted to play games, so we played Sorry a couple times (For the record, I won.) and we played Battle of the Sexes (Again, I won :))

It was an awesome day/night!


You've finally come!!! I have been waiting for you all summer. September, you are great for so many reasons!
* Stores will now start to carry pumpkin spice candles. Oh, how I love pumpkin spice candles.
* Fall is coming!! Leaves will turn into very pretty colors and soon fall down (Which is exciting because then October and Halloween are coming!!)
* Instead of trying to convince Trav that we need to have the AC on full blast, I get to cuddle with him and a comfy sweater or blanket instead and be perfect!
* September, you make Chai taste so much better.
* I get to decorate just for you. My house is going to be so dang cute.
* It's almost time to carve pumpkins, and watch a scary movie each night, and enjoy the many great Haunted Houses in the area.
* Football. September, this is one of the greatest things about you. When you come, that means it's time for football Sunday and Monday's. Oh, how I long for those.
* This year, I have been counting down for you September. Not just for all of these reasons, but because today I get to go see Modest Mouse play In the Venue. What a great, great, great way to start off September.
* Summer is leaving. Besides camping and fishing, I won't miss her. I vote for a two season year, every year. Spring and Fall.

YAY September, WELCOME and don't ever leave!!

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