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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday, air conditioning, and fish.

I should have done 3 separate posts but then I would look like a blogoholic...I refuse to do more than 5-6 posts in one night...therefore, I will tell 3 stories and combine them into one post ;) Clever, right?

This weekend has been great!! Trav and I both had Friday off so we decided to get an AIR CONDITIONING!!!! That's right friends. It is no longer a free sauna session in my house. Happy? Me too!!! Getting the air conditioner was a whole other debacle that I just don't feel like reliving enough to tell the story...basically we went to 2 different stores...we brought two different air conditioners home and halfway set them up. Bottom line...shippers, do your freekin job carefully okay? I don't know of anyone who enjoys being so super happy to bring home an air conditioner, only to have to go back out into the heat to bring it back to a different store because it has random dents. Nope...I don't think there are any fans in that department. So please men...handle with care.

Friday night we FINALLY went fishing! I'm going to admit this, and it sucks...but no...I didn't catch anything. :( This is definitely a rareity. I am always the one to leave fishfull (made up word...think of the totally makes sense.) I guess we didn't leave completely bummed though...Jordan caught a 2 ft. 14 lb. fish!! The lucky boy! I'm glad he caught it though! The poor thing was only in the water for a total of 5 minutes.

Here is a summary of the rest of his time:
We get there...trav sets up his pole..he's all set...casts out and gets a snag.
25 minutes- re-setting up his line.
1 minute- re-casting out.
20 minutes- trying to yank his hook out of tree above his head.
25 minutes- re- setting up his line.
1 minute- re- casting out.
25 minutes- reeling in 30 seconds after casting out and getting caught in another snag.
60 minutes- snacking, giving up on the fishing snagging deal.
25 minutes- deciding to fish again and rebaiting his pole.

...You get the point. The kid totally deserved to catch a fish. Way to go Jordan. You took one for the team.

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