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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The nail fiasco.

Kassi: Hey, do you have our nail lady's number?

Me: Yeah, are you gunna go get your nails done right now?

Kassi: Yeah.

Me: Oh, awesome. Well, I need to get mine done as well, so I'll just meet you there. I'll call her and tell her we are both on our way.

Kassi: Okay, sweet, see ya in a sec.

I call Jennifer to let her know we'll be there in just a sec to get our nails done and get no answer. It was weird, because she ALWAYS answers.

So I call Kass back and we decide to just head over there and see if she is able to do them when we get there.

Turns out she is out of town and they are obviously closed.

Great, now what?

We decide that we really can't wait so we would just go to another place real quick and get them done. I remembered where a place was at, so we head there. Turns out they are having a staff meeting and are not able to take both of us, or even one of us at that time.

Sweet :)

Next, we decide that we will just go to a few large parking lots and surely there has to be a nail place in one of them.

We eventually find a place and walk inside.

Kassi got pink and white and I got white tips with a black line. I feel so, so bad beause it was a little asian couple. The wife did Kassi's nails and the husband did my nails. They were SO happy to have done our nails and want us to come back again and again. How can I do that though? I have been going to Jennifer for 4 years, it's just that she is out of town.

How can I tell this guy that I am not going to be coming back though? Especially after he is doing everything SO carefully and asking me how I like every single nail, and double and triple checking his work...and telling me that I will only have to tell him how I like my nails ONE time and that he will remember forever and always do them that way.

A part of me is saying to go to him every once in awhile, but bless his heart...I like the way Jennifer does my nails better. It was perfect for a quick (sort of) last minute thing, but I just don't think I can switch nail people. I just feel so bad though, he was such a sweetheart.

Trav called about 2 hours after I had left the house and asked what I was doing.

"I'm just getting my nails done, what are you doing?"

"Still getting your nails done???"

"Yeah,'s a long story, I'll call you when I'm done."

"It's ALWAYS a long story with you!!"

haha..indeed it is. You hit that one right on the spot, babe.

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