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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The one where the Bean is gone.

I'm sitting at home with Travis the other night, painting my toenails and he is watching The World Without a Moon which I think is rather pointless. We have a moon. We shouldn't worry about what it would be like if we didn't have a moon. Apparently it is slightly interesting to some people Travis though. Actually, apparently anything I think is boring or lame is fascinating to Trav. Possession of the remote control is a battle we face every night. He doesn't seem to like Still Standing, or Rosanne, or Reba...C'mon now...I'm pretty sure that's the good stuff.

Anyway, so we're sitting there, doin our own thing and my phone rings. I answer it and right away my sister says "Jessica, where is Bean? You guys have him don't you. Don't do this to me. I'm freakin out."

"Uhm...hi?" I say back to her, completely confused.

Bean is my cousins dog. Kassi is house/dog sitting while they are on vacation. This call took place the DAY after they left on their week-long vacation.

"Jessica, don't play dumb. I know you guys have him."

Ok...I feel like I am holding someone hostage here...and I feel like I have some sort of an accomplice. I am totally confused.

"haha, I haven't seen Bean! Why would I have him?? You lost him???"

"Yeah, he is gone. I'm looking for him now."

She then calls my Grandma who goes out to help look, no such luck.

Yesterday my Grandma called and informed me that Bean has been found. Yay! I guess this proves true "When the Master is away, the dogs will play." ...crazy little adventure seeking dog.

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Courtney and Dan said...

Crazay!! How scary for your sister!! :( Glad she found him though!!

P.S. Roseanne IS the good stuff. I have most of the seasons. It's a gross obsession.

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