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Monday, August 31, 2009

The weekend. Out of order.

I had a fantastic weekend! So fantastic that it is going to take two posts! I will post the other one a little later tonight though :)...dun dun dun.

Saturday afternoon we (Me, Kassi, Jon) decided to take a drive up to Idaho to hang out with the bestests. It was as random as my best friends husband texting me saying "Come to Idaho" and me saying "Deal"

Saturday night we went out and had a blast as always! I saw Tyson Cranney!! (A guy I graduated with) It has been so so so long, so that was really nice!! I also met a couple Deaf guys who use relay...and the best part, they even use the company I work for. I'm pretty proud of myself because we had 1/25 of our conversation through ASL. Due to my limited knowledge of ASL though, we switched to texting. :) It was really cool to get out and talk to and see someone who my work benefits. It's so nice to provide such a wonderful service and get paid to do it!

Sunday afternoon we woke up and went shopping and Mari made the most delicious enchaladas that I've ever had! In fact, I'm making them again tonight, haha. (Thanks again Mari!) Then we took pictures because her children were being so photogenic. (Actually, every child is photogenic. Even when they don't want to be. I'm a fan of tantrum pictures. Not gunna lie.) Here are a few of the pictures I took of Roman and Presley. They are both SO adorable!


Anonymous said...

Oh cute! Sounds like your trip was very fun! I got that font from picnik!! :) That's where I do my headers now! :) That's my favorite picutre of me and Matix!
Oh p.s. it's alysha I forgot to log in.. lol

Trav and Jessica said...

Picnik was definitely a good find! I use it at least once on a daily basis! Have you upgraded to premium?? I decided that I wasn't going to but then every time I wanted to do something, it was only with "premium" so I finally gave in. Whatever. haha. And yes, I love that picture of you and Matix, it was my favorite as well!

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