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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Tuesday.

So, after a million and two "Yes's." "No's. "I'm retiring...for the third time." "Blah, blah, blah's." We finally have a solid answer.

BRETT FREEKIN FAVRE has signed with Minnesota!! As a Minnesota fan, I couldn't be any more excited about it. I mean yeah, the media annoyed the crap out of me and I'm sure everyone else with all of his indecisiveness and I kind of wish he would just come out and say I am going to retire. And actually do it. Or say I wanna keep playing, and actually keep playing. But, that is neither here nor there now. He is with us, officially signed for 12 million a year...How would that be?? I am so excited to see him on my team this year! I think he has a TON of pointers and tips he can hook young Jackson with to make him the best. We'll see what happens. Here's to hoping he doesn't get hurt and doesnt add to his INT record!!

Yay Favre!!

In other news, I'm looking at buying a house again. It kinda fell through last time because it's obviously a HUGE move to make. I didn't feel confident that I would be able to afford it, blah, blah..but now I'm pretty confident. I have spoken with a few lenders, I have been pre-approved for an amount and we're hoping to be in a place by the end of the year. Hoping. That's really all I am going to say about it. It is a process that seriously changes every 2 minutes. One minute it is this house, the next minute I love the next house, the next minute my realtor is calling me with some more listings, the next minute we are driving from one end of town to the other. It is frustrating. I don't like looking at a house, falling in love with it, and then finding out that they apparently love it just as much...just enough that they'd like to charge an arm, a leg, and my firstborn child for it. It's frustrating driving SO much looking at all of these places hearing "Well, it's your first place..." I'm really picky and it's making the process rather difficult...but I'm pulling through and deep down, there is a part of me that is pretty excited about it all I mean, I don't know what's more exciting than to know that possibly by the end of this year, I will no longer be renting and helping people pay off their own homes, but I will be paying my mortgage...and helping myself pay off my own home. Just for poos and giggles, simply because this will change as soon as I publish this is what I am really liking right now...

P.S- I not only like is totally in my price range!! :)


kaylaaimee said...

Cute house! Although I must say, I am annoyed at the Farve.

Chris and Heather said...

It's cute! What areas are you looking at? Staying in Sugar House?

Trav and Jessica said...

Thanks guys!! I agree! I am in love with it! The only thing I don't love is the location :( It's CLEAR out west, in a really good area, but clear the heck out there! But like I could very well change. Very soon. How is your house hunting going Kayla!? I read your "part one" the other day!

I'd love to stay in Sugarhouse, but the houses are so old, and they want SO much for them. Not a huge fan of that!

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