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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When all else fails, say maybe tomorrow.

And this friendly man did just that.

My Grandma and I were looking at houses again today after work (shocker!) We pull up to this house to go take a peek in the windows and out walks a Hispanic man. He is about to get into his car but we are blocking the driveway as we are about to go look at his house, that is for sale. My Grandma says to him "Hi, is this the house that is for sale?" He looks back at us, extremely confused and says "No!, No, I lii here. No for sale." My Grandma and I look at each other confused because it is clearly the correct address and the picture on our paper, matches the picture of the house. It is definitely for sale. Does he just not know about it? That's kind of a horrible way to find out that you are going to be moving because someone will be buying your house, lol...anyway so my Grandma notices there are two doors and says to him "Oh! There are two places here...maybe the other one is for sell." This man does the "Yeahhh..(shake your head and nod because you have no idea what is goin on) and she says ohh, you live in one of these houses, and someone else lives next to you? (It was kind of like a duplex) and he looks at us and says "Uhm...maybe tomorrow?!"

Hm..maybe tomorrow he will live in one and someone else in another?
Maybe tomorrow his landlord will tell him he needs to move because the place is apparently for sale??
Maybe if he says maybe tomorrow it will get us to leave??

I don't know, but it worked. We held the laughter in for as long as we were there talking to him, said thanks so much, rolled up the windows and laughed the entire way home.

Until next time...Maybe tomorrow. :)

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