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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's really on my mind when I'm sleeping?

I do the craziest thing some nights.

In fact, it's probably a good thing that Travis loved me before these crazy things started happening because, some nights it's probably enough to send someone packin!

Most nights though, it's funny and most of the time when Trav tells me about these things, I have absolutely NO recollection! It's insane!

I talk/sometimes get up in my sleep.

Last night I apparently sat straight up from a dead sleep. When Travis asked me what I was doing I replied "I have to put my shoes under the bed so Trey won't lay on them." Now he's just learned to agree and let me do what I need to do. Before he knew, he would act super confused and I would actually talk back to him, haha! I know if the tables were turned and he was a sleep talker, I would most definitely have conversations with him!! I remember my sister, Kassi used to sleep talk all the time! We had some funny conversations and I would keep asking her more and more questions until she confused herself and laid back down to go to sleep!

It's so crazy though, sleep talking. The times that I remember(which last night I remember actually getting up and putting my flip flops under my bed!)it seems SO LOGICAL at the time. Like, why WOULDN'T I be putting my shoes under the bed. It just makes so much sense!

I asked Trav this morning if Trey (our dog) was anywhere around my shoes when I jumped up and he said nope. He was over on his bed (clear across the room from me) sleeping.

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