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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You've finally come!!! I have been waiting for you all summer. September, you are great for so many reasons!
* Stores will now start to carry pumpkin spice candles. Oh, how I love pumpkin spice candles.
* Fall is coming!! Leaves will turn into very pretty colors and soon fall down (Which is exciting because then October and Halloween are coming!!)
* Instead of trying to convince Trav that we need to have the AC on full blast, I get to cuddle with him and a comfy sweater or blanket instead and be perfect!
* September, you make Chai taste so much better.
* I get to decorate just for you. My house is going to be so dang cute.
* It's almost time to carve pumpkins, and watch a scary movie each night, and enjoy the many great Haunted Houses in the area.
* Football. September, this is one of the greatest things about you. When you come, that means it's time for football Sunday and Monday's. Oh, how I long for those.
* This year, I have been counting down for you September. Not just for all of these reasons, but because today I get to go see Modest Mouse play In the Venue. What a great, great, great way to start off September.
* Summer is leaving. Besides camping and fishing, I won't miss her. I vote for a two season year, every year. Spring and Fall.

YAY September, WELCOME and don't ever leave!!

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