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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, awhile ago a friend from work (thanks Heather :))got "glitter toes" done at the salon that she works at. They looked fabulous!! So fabulous that I decided I would try the "cheap" version of them...meaning I would do "glitter toes" to myself, haha! It actually turned out really cute!!

Can you tell which one was done in a salon, and which one I did?(Double click on the pictures to see a little better)

To me, it's obvious that the purple ones were done in a salon but I still am pretty happy with the outcome of my attempt! I might actually try that purple next, I LOVE that color!!

1 comment:

Chris and Heather said...

They're so cute! When I move to CA and can't do trades anymore, I'm definitely doing your "cheap" version. Unless you're standing right next to someone who had them done in the salon, you can't even tell!

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