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Monday, August 24, 2009

New couches!!

Over the weekend, we picked up new couches!! I. Love. Love. Love. Them. (Thanks again Heather!! :))

Aren't they adorable?!


Mike & Alysha Mathews said...

Umm I'm in love with your cute house and how you decorated it! :) The couches are great! Where did you get them? Mike and I need to get some for when I move back! OH AND P.S. this is very important and I can't believe I forgot to tell you! You need to tell me if I can still get tickets to blink!?!?! My husband has decided to go with his friend keith and if he gets to go I'm totally going. How unfair would that be!?! He doesn't even like TBS!! I totally deserve to go more than him so if he gets tickets and I don't there will be a war. HAHA

Trav and Jessica said...

Thanks!! I love decorating it! :) I can't wait to set stuff up for fall!! We got them from my friend Heather at work. She (unfortunately) is moving to California and was selling most of her stuff! We needed couches so bad, so it was a super awesome day!!

That is crazy, lol...I was JUST thinking about texting you to see how you were doing cuz it has been forever, and see if you were still planning on Blink because um...I'm pretty sure it should be a plan. A definite plan. You let me know if a war breaks out. I will be there with my stealing tickets from husband's gear. That is most definitely not fair!! It's like that one time that Erik came home and he was like guys...guess what! I am going to a NFG concert...but I don't know who they are...what songs should I listen to so I know?! haha, not fair at all!

Trav and Jessica said...

and um I forgot the most important part, lol...yes you can still get tickets...just get the ones for like $25...that's what we did, we will work our way down. Funny story...Kass and I were at a Regina Spektor concert awhile back and some people behind us seriously tapped us on the back and said "Um, excuse us...we're trying to get up front." We were like really??? haha aren't we that's apparently the way you do it nowadays...we will just have to simply tap people and say "Excuse us, we are trying to get to the front."

Mike & Alysha Mathews said...

Lol that's just wonderful! I'm totally going to have to get them! I think Mike might get a discount too because he goes to UVU now! I've got to check cuz that would be bad ass! Yeah that was totally not fair when Erik did that! OH MY GOD! P.S. my family was doing a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and I was going through my old things from my room that were all boxed up and you will never guess what I found. I found that water bottle that the drummer through out and Steven caught from NFG! Lol after all these years I still had it haha. How silly!

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