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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm a fantastic driver. Ask anyone.

Travis always criticizes my driving. I don't think there is ever a reason for him to do so. But he does. He will tell me when I am following too close. He will tell me if I pass the exit, AFTER he sat there and watched me pass it. He will inform me that I need to start stopping sooner because if my breaks went out, blah blah...He's a very good backseat driver. I love him. The other day though, I did a horrible thing. I gave him a reason to say something.

We were driving over to our friends house and I was driving so of course he was saying something about my driving. Jokingly. I argue that I am a good driver and he shouldn't criticize me! He then says to me "Yes babe, you are a good driver. That's why we are at a stop light. Going straight, not in a turning lane and you are sitting here with your left blinker on."

This could have been true. And if it is...who's to say I wasn't just giving the cars behind me a little extra notice that sometime in the future, I was going to be making a left turn.

Even though my next turn was going to be to the right.

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