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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures in house shopping. Part one. (of probably 6,742)

After dropping me off at my house last night, my grandma decided to go look at one more place. She called me as soon as she left and was giving me all of the details. Pretty small kitchen. Two bedrooms. Washer and Dryer included, etc, etc...

She then goes on to talk about the backyard. She says "The backyard is really nice! It was pretty big. There was a little patch of concrete so you could have a table with an umbrella, and some chairs and stuff.. In fact, you could even keep Travis out there."

haha Travis does like the outdoors, but I'm not sure if he would like it as a permanent living situation.

Perhaps we COULD keep Trey out there though.

It's okay Grandma, the two T's can be confusing.

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