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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 13th.

The first time I saw Travis was 10 years ago (as crazy as that sounds!) His dad and my mom were friends and had known each other forever...One of the first times I met Duane (Travis's dad), I remember asking "Do you have kids??" Yes. "Are they boys? How old? Are they cute? Come look at my CD's! Do you think they will like NSYNC?? When will I get to meet them?" Everything was about boys at that time! I was SO excited! The curisity and suspense were overwhelming! (For both of us, I'm sure :))

It was finally time for us to meet Duane's kids. We actually came down for a Bees game and one of the kids was going to be there. The first one I met was Danny. He was the oldest brother (about 5 or 6 years older.) He was married and had a kid. The game was tons of fun!!

After, we went to Aunt Sheila's for a BBQ and that's where I saw Trav for the first time. I walked around to the back patio, sat down and started talking to his cousin, while watching him play basketball. It seemed like at first, when he saw the group of us walk back there, he was attempting to make crazy shots, actually making most of them, and occasionally looking over and smiling. He was totally showing off! I hated it at first, I would have never, ever guessed we would be together in the future. It wasn't until the second and third times we hung out that I knew we'd be together eventually!

Long story short, shortly after we met, Trav moved to Idaho with his dad for a few months and we constantly hung out. I would tell my friends I was grounded so I could go over and hang out, we would fight over pillows just so we could end up sharing one, Duane would call me at my house in Oakley and tell me that "Travis" wanted me to come and help him clean his room, we would go fishing and swimming together, we honestly were together about 99% of the time! The funniest part is throughout all of it, we never admitted that we liked each other. My mom and his dad knew, of course...but we denied it until we were blue in the face.

Trav and Duane moved back to Utah a couple summers after being in Idaho and that is when I realized that Trav wasn't just a really awesome hang out buddy. I definitely had feelings for him!!

For some crazy, crazy reason (that I blame 99.99% on Trav) after he moved back to Utah, we both went on with our lives. Three years went by and we didn't talk once! I thought about him every single day and something kept telling me that one day, we'd be together. We had to be!

I went to a family reunion with his dad and saw Trav for the first time in 3 years. I sort of knew he would be there so the entire day I, of course had butterflies! I wondered what his reaction would be?? He was always kind of shy. Would he say hey...what's up? Would he be way surprised?? What was he going to do?! Well, the minute he saw me, he ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever, he was VERY surprised that I was there!! We talked and caught up as much as we could! He told me that he was going to California soon for work and that we needed to hang out before then, so we did. That fourth of July we went to his brother's house and watched was one of the greatest times ever! It had been so, so long since we had seen each other, it was wonderful to catch up was like we just picked right up where we left off!

He moved to California and on August 13, 2005 he told me that he wanted to be with me and finally told me that he loved me. He was in California for a few months working. We talked on the phone usually twice a day and I saw him only once during that time. The next time I saw him is when he surprised me and moved back to Utah!

Thursday will be our 4 year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been that long already! It's so funny to think about the questions I flooded Duane with 10 years ago. I must have somehow known that one day, they would all be worth it!

This week I have been having SO much fun looking for some Vikings stuff to get him! (Another perk...we BOTH loved the Vikings before we even knew each other...A man with fabulous taste!!) So far, I got him a deck of black, Vikings cards, a Peterson jersey, a Vikings bobble head, and I found this awesome site where you can custom make shirts so I had planned on making him a shirt but I wanted to make sure that it would be one that he would absolutely I gave myself, and told him about that part so we could make it together so that way I knew for sure he would love it! So, I'm ordering that today! I can't wait :) (I'll post pictures when I get it all put together!) I should have started sooner, because I doubt it will all be here by Thursday. Oh's the thought that counts. He is going to love it all!

Oh, and as it turns out he doesn't like NSYNC. Not even a little bit.

Also, as it turns out, he didn't like any CD's that were in my case, at that time. He has definitely changed my taste in a fantastic way!

I Love You Babe!

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