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Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's called consistency, people...

So we ordered pizza last night and Trav and I are a little picky. It must be a supreme. Half no mushrooms. All of it no sausage. It has to be that way.

Well, yesterday we get the knock on the door, I open it, pay the dude and go set the pizza down on the table. I open up the supreme and it has everything on it. On the entire pizza. Not only that but on about 6 slices, toward the middle of the slice there was a HUGE bubble and there were NO toppings. No cheese, no sauce, nothing.

I make the friendly little call to Pizza Hut to inform them of the situation and the guy I talked to first says "Uhh, let me grab my Manager."

I'm thinking...awesome. Someone who will be able to help. No big deal.

This lady gets on the phone and I start to tell her (politely) what the deal is...she INTERRUPTS me and says "What is your phone number?"

She then says to me, in an annoyed voice-- looks like here that the person who took your order put down that you needed half no mushroom, all of it no sausage.

Um, duh. That would be the reason for my call. It is obviously not that way. Maybe if I wasn't interrupted you would know that. :)

During this time, Trav had already taken a piece, picked the mushrooms off, and started to eat it.

The lady then informs me that they will be able to replace the pizza however, the delivery driver will need to pick up the entire pizza, no pieces missing...before he gives me the new one.

After telling her that there was one piece already missing and there was nothing I could do about it now, she informed me that because of that...they would not be able to replace the pizza

You've got to be kidding me.

I ask for her manager and it wasn't until then that she decides just this once, she will replace the pizza and take the gross pizza back, minus one piece. (We "discussed" the manner for about 5 minutes.)

40 minutes later I get a knock on my door. Here is our new pizza. I go to the kitchen to grab the other pizza, open the door, and hand it to the delivery guy and you know what he says???

"Oh no, that's can just keep that one."

So, basically I sat on the phone with stupid manager lady for 5 minutes apologizing that one piece was already gone and listening to her act like it was a huge deal, for nothing. Awesome!


Laura Jett said...

What retards! That ticks me off like no other!! Wait, no finding a piece of long blonde hair in my pizza ticks me off and the company not replacing it or refunding it ticks me off worse! :S But yeah that is so irritating!!!

Trav and Jessica said...

No way??!! NOT replacing it with a hair on the pizza? Oh man! I would have freaked out, haha!

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