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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have the funniest grandparents in the entire world.

So earlier this week Trav and I were at my Grandma's house. I happened to be a little toasty. (This is common for the grandparents house.) So, I go into the bathroom and open the window.

An hour later, we are all sitting down to eat dinner and my Grandma comes out of the bathroom and says to my Grandpa "Tommy!! You always open the bathroom window!! I have the air on. I don't know why you always do that!!

My Grandpa says "Oh."

I happened to take a drink at the same time my Grandma came out and had water in my mouth so I was unable to inform my Grandma that I was the one who opened the window.

I swallowed and said "Grandma! It was me! haha"

"Oh, were just going to let Grandpa take the heat?"

Me: Well, I had my mouth full...I was going to own up to it.

Grandpa: "I got big shoulders."

hahaha. So awesome.

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