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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The fair!

Last weekend we went to the fair with Devan and Kelly.

Besides paying a price equivalent to open heart surgery minus insurance, it was pretty sweet!! I forgot my camera so all of my pictures are lame phone pictures but at least I was able to get a few of em! When we first got there, we watched bear trainers play with two BEARS!! I don't think I've ever seen bears in real life, besides at the zoo...and all they do there is lay around so you are spending 90 percent of the time wondering if they are even alive, or what it would be like to just lay around all day. Totally taking the focus off of how rad the bears actually are. Not very cool. These were awesome bears though! One of them was a little baby and the other one was HUGE!! I still am not over it. Geez!! Anyway, they would have them dance, and take a bow, and dunk a basketball in a hoop and a bunch of crazy stuff! It was really fun to watch!

Next we walked around for quite awhile just looking around at all the stuff! There is TONS to look at! I got sidetracked by a stupid body pillow that was a hundred dollar bill. It just so happened to be a dart game too so I figured hey...I would give it a shot because I'm pretty fantastic at darts. So I walk up to the guy running the show/practicing for the auction.

"Hi, how much is this game?"
"Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere...somethin somethin....but no matter what you will get a prize."
"Okay but I really, really want that 100 dollar body pillow..what do I need to do to get that?"
"Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere...I'll give it to worries...Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere..Let's start with 5 dollars and we'll get you set up!"
"um, okay...whatever, we'll see how it goes."

So, I pay my 5 dollars and get 3 darts. I make all three.

Score!! I just won the coolest 100 dollar body pillow that I will probably just throw in storage or my closet. (I don't know why I wanted the thing so bad, really.)

Not so much.

Next was a series of him handing me darts mixed with Insertreallyfasttalkingrighthere and squeezing in this one will be a free one, here and there. I was on a roll. I couldn't miss. I kept wondering why he didn't just let me stop and give me the dang thing. So, I finish and he says "That will be 20 dollars!" hahaha I look at him like he's crazy and tell him I'm not giving him 20 bucks. He never mentioned that I would need to PAY for the darts he just kept handing me. I asked what prize I had won so far and he hands me this little tiny, almost microscopable 100 dollar pillow and an ugly 100 dollar bill covered bear.

What a freak.

After that I became distracted by more money sucking things. Things such as "THE WORLD'S SMALLEST LADY!! COME TAKE A PEEK! Only 2 dollars!!" and "THE WORLD'S LARGEST ALLIGATOR, AND HE'S EVEN ALIVE!! COME LOOK FOR A DOLLAR!!" 1) I felt bad for the lady because she was sitting inside of a truck trailer, on a chair for way too many hours while people came in and stared at her. Horrible!! 2) I felt equally as bad for this HUGE alligator as he was also in a truck trailer in which he couldnt even move or turn around in! So sad!

We went into a couple of buildings with tons of people selling things ranging from art pieces, to knifes, to salsa and found the best home-ade jerky in the world. Then we stopped at another little kiosk with home-ade jewlery and I scored two sweet necklaces!

On our way out we saw a SCULPTURE made out of BUTTER!! It was 700 pounds of butter!! We were so amazed that we basically stared at it for around 10 minutes. It was so detailed and pretty big for being made out of butter!!

Of course we walked through some display mustangs on the way out so Trav insisted I take pictures! They were actually pretty sweet though :)

Around that same area we saw a go kart that goes up to 120 MPH!! Cool, but I would never, ever test that one out! We had a great time though!!

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