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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The commercial that teases dogs.

I really, really, really, really wish I had a button to push that would automatically bring my camera to a certain moment, ready to catch it through either video or picture! That would be most definitely convenient!

Unfortunately this will have to be a post without a "caught" moment because I do not have said button.

Last night Trav and I were watching the Monday Night Football game when a Toyota--fuel efficient commercial came on. To show how "fuel effecient" Toyota's were, a couple was using their car to drive around looking for their dog. To do this, they were using those dog toys where you squeeze them and they make that kind of high pitched noise that is pretty annoying for anything other than this moment. (And maybe the 15 times that we rewound the commercial once I had my camera)

As soon as the commercial came on and the couple busted out their dog toys, Trey darted to the TV. He sat down RIGHT in front of it, directly in front of the speaker and had the most confused look on his face. Every time the couple would squeeze the toy, Trey would tilt his head. To make things even better (for us) and to confuse him even more, since they were looking for their dog they would say "Come on boy" "Come here" and whistle every time they would squeeze the toy. Trey was uber confused. I know he was thinking "Wait. I'm right here!! I can't get any closer!!" thus causing all of the confusion on his side. They would squeeze again and he would tilt his head ALL the way over to the other side. There were at least 6 tilts in the 30 second duration of the commercial. haha it's probably my favorite thing he has ever done. I WISH I had a video for you all! I promise we tried!! We watched that commercial around 15 times to try and re-create the tilting but I think Trey caught on once he saw me bust out the camera. He hates that dang thing!!


kel said...

Jess! How did you ever manage to find a dog as gullible as you?!? I didn't know there were such things!

Trav and Jessica said...

LOL! Yeah I know! Somehow I managed! I couldn't have asked for a better dog though, he's the greatest!!

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