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Friday, September 4, 2009

Some people...

"Hi, I am setting up bill pay and I need to find out what location I need to send my credit card payments to."

Lady at Old Navy: "Oh, Okay, no problem. Here is the address."

"Sweet, thanks so much!! That will be all!"

I then happily click the little bubble of the correct location and click next.


(Crap...I don't know what my account number is and my bill is at home.)

I call Old Navy back and for some reason, this time the menu is millions time more retarded. I press 0 6 times at the onsett of the menu, just as I did before..but this time, it disconnects me. Cool.

I call back and go through the options...enter all of my information and there is NO option for a live rep...but for your can go online to and every question you have will be answered. Right. Since you need your freekin account number to access your account online.

So, I call back a 3rd time. I finally get through.

Old Navy rep (from India): "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

"Yes, I just need..."

Old Navy rep: "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

"Uh..ya...I just need my..."

Old Navy rep: "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

Old Navy rep: "Due to either my phone being a peice of poop, or me not wanting to take this call I am disconnecting now. Bye-bye."

(He didn't really say that, but I know he could hear me. Cmon now. My phone was not on mute and navigated through the menu just fine! I know he was thinking that and would have said it if at all possible.)

I call yet again. I really need to get my bill pay set up. I need to pay them!

Old Navy rep: "Thank you for calling Old Navy how can I help you?"

"Hi, I just need to get my account number. I am setting up bill pay."

Old Navy rep: "Okay, what is the number on your credit card so I can pull up your account."

"Sure, it's... ... ... ..."

Old Navy rep: "Well unfortunately ma'am, we are unable to give you your account number over the phone, but if you have a statement available, it will be on there..."

"Are you serious? I just need it real quick. I need to set up bill pay. Can I make an account online and look it up there?"

Old Navy rep: "Oh, sure. You just go in, create an account, and put in your card number to sign up."

"Cool, so it won't ask me for my account number then?"

Old Navy rep: "Ma'am, your Old Navy card number IS your account number."

Awesome, this conversation could have only lasted 1 minute. After me saying here is my card number, you could have said...oh, well that is your account number. Why did you tell me that you COULDNT give me my account number after I JUST gave it to you??

OH man.

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