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Friday, September 25, 2009

Trey's test to see just how much leeway he really has.

In the 3 years of Trey's existence, he's definitely mastered something. He's become a pro follower. It's a job he's quite proud of and one he takes very seriously. I know this because I've done a few experiments..

First I walked around a little, aimlessly. I ventured into the bathroom...then into the kitchen, then our room. My little follower stayed strong.

Next I sat down. He sat next to me. I stayed there until he layed down and got comfy. I knew for sure if I got up this time, he would choose napping over following. Experiment failed. Again, my little follower stayed strong.

I'm surprised he is such a fantastic follower after the one time where he followed me into the walk in closet to hang up some clothes and I (clearly, quite new to the having a follower business) closed the closet door with him still in there. In the dark. He stayed calm, however. The whole hour he was in there. Lucky for him I was doing another load of laundry!


Dear Trey, you have done a great job and you are a follower that many could (not necessarily suggested or encouraged) learn from.

However, you have started to master an art that makes me laugh a little, and also one that could get you into a little trouble if continued. When I tell you to get out of the kitchen because I am cooking...


Is pushin it...

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