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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Allred, Chester French, Taking Back Sunday, Blink-182

Alexis, Katie, Kassi, and I went to see TBS and Blink-182 last night. The show was up in Provo at the McKay events center. (Provo + 112percent LDS town + (vulgar)Blink 182 + David O McKay Events center ... comedy.) The venue isn't the greatest, but the show was great!! Allred opened up and they are actually a local band from SLC. I actually REALLY enjoyed them. Chester French came out next and although the lead singer is a pretty good performer...I'm not a fan of the music. Next was TAKING BACK SUNDAY!! It was kinda lame because we had seat tickets (which is a big mistake. I'd advise anyone to just spend the extra 10 or 20 dollars and get GA.) We were by people who didn't know ANY Taking Back Sunday songs, which I guess is okay...I'm sure they were there for Blink so they saw what they wanted, but the experience is just SO much better when you are completely surrounded with people who enjoy the music as much as you do. People who, when they hear TBS play a song that is 5 years old, get just as excited as you do.

Here is TBS's setlist:
1.What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?
2.Sink Into Me
4.New Again
5.Set Phasers To Stun
6.Where My Mouth Is
7.Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
8.Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)
9.A Decade Under The Influence

I wish they would have played more from their oldest albums because personally, I'm not a huge, huge fan of their brand new album, or even Louder Now... It seems like it's getting so much more poppy and mainstream...but I was still equally as excited to be there, watching them. This was my 4th time seeing them. Love these guys. Definitely one of my favorite bands.

Blink 182 came out next and OH. MY. GOD. They sounded great!! This was my second time seeing them and this time was by far better. They put on such a fantastic show. For starters, peep this video: (close up, shitty sound.) (A little bit further away, but AWESOME!!!)

Here is the video, just for you :) ...and a little bit for my reference. I will watch it daily.

Here's the setlist:
“Feeling This”
“The Rock Show”
“Easy Target”
“What’s My Age Again?”
“I Miss You”
“Stay Together for the Kids”
“Stockholm Syndrome”
“First Date”
“Man Overboard”
“Going Away to College”
“Not Now”
“All the Small Things”
“Adam’s Song”
“Reckless Abandon”
“Anthem Part Two”
Drum solo
“Dammit (Growing Up)”

I thought it was a PERFECT mix of songs. They sounded basically the same (except for puberty voice changes haha...)

They put on one of the greatest shows I think I will ever experience. It was put together so well. The Encore was amazing.

Hopefully they come back soon! I will see them every time they come!

Oh, and P.S. Kassi and I were chillin next to the gate (remember no GA tickets=lamelamelamelamelamelamelame!) and ADAM LAZARA walks THROUGH the gate...about 3 feet away from us. He went in and chilled and watched the show for about 10 minutes and then left through the same gate again. We were screaming his name, but he didn't hear us :( He looked bummed...I'm sure because there was 2/3 more of a crowd there for Blink...but what can you expect? They have been around forever, and put on such a great show.

Plus, although it was so so so great for me to see TBS and Blink 182 at the same show, it was a little bit of a letdown because they are both amazing bands and I would have loved for each band to play a lot longer. I don't think it's a good idea to have two great bands tour together. They need to be seperate so each can have their own 2 hours to shine. TBS didn't play for long at all. It sucked. Blink was amazing though. The show was great! So yeah, show schedulers...when you read this stuff...get that handled next time :)

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