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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend in Idaho for Roman's 2nd birthday!

This weekend was Roman's second birthday party so I left Friday after work for an Idaho adventure!!

Never been to Idaho?

You should go. It's pretty fun.

Here are a few things that are Idaho "norm" but so different from the city. (These are all things from this weekend.)

1) Relatives walking into the birthday party a little late saying "Sorry we're late!! Our neighbors llamas got out and we had to get them to a safe spot before we could leave!"
2) Relatives next sentence- "Ben will be here shortly. As soon as he finishes with the hay."
3) Mari: "Mom, how many potatoes did you bring?"
Hilda: "A bucket." (There was really a big 5 gallon bucket full of dirt covered potatoes, fresh out of the celler!! YUM!
4) We get in the car to go to a friends house, buckle up..CROSS THE STREET, and pull into their driveway. It took less than 30 seconds.
5) I came home with a bag of potatoes that will last me almost forever.

The party turned out great!
Roman tried extremely hard and was successful in his efforts of making it almost impossible to snap a good picture. Most of them were of him being 'contained' to take a picture, which he obviously wasn't a fan of!

Some of them he decided to smile and then look elsewhere. (I think out of spite.)

Finally, he expressed his true feelings on taking pictures...

His sister, Presley, was much better at the picture taking game. She basically didn't have much of a choice!

When it was time to open presents, Roman wasn't all that excited at first, but that soon changed. He went from slowly unwrapping the paper...

To ripping it off to quickly find what was hiding under the paper! He got the hang of it pretty fast! After unwrapping his first present (This Tonka truck) he wasn't too excited about opening the other presents, he was mainly worried about play time with the truck!

After convincing him that there were more, equally awesome presents still to be unwrapped, he put the truck aside and eventually agreed. Every present got the same adorable reaction...

He got a T-Ball set which he tried out. In the house. A few times. He hit the ball every single time and only almost gave his mom a black eye once.

He was very excited about his music making guitar and long after he set it down, anytime he opened another toy that made noise, he would play the air guitar.

He was all about the SpongeBob cake and dove right in.

However, he wasn't too excited when he had to share with everyone else

Here is the cake pre-Roman! It was beautiful!!

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Courtney and Dan Archer said...

How fun!! He is adorable!! Love the SB cake!!


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