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Thursday, October 22, 2009

2nd Annual PCCEP (Pumpkincarvingchilieatingparty)

All 10 of em! ( I couldn't get a good single of yours Kass :( But it looks beautiful in this picture :) )

Alexis's scary night scene!

Alexis finishing up her pumkin! It was VERY detailed!

Katie's freehand toothless grandpa pumpkin. We love him.

Megan's freehand witch.

Heather's (Megan's friend) freehand lady punkin.

Katie's second one. (Pattern this time)

Levi's pumpkin "Jack"

Harley's kitty!

My little monster buddy!

Harley pokin' away!

Auntie Tammy made some delicious pumpkin seeds out of the goop we put into the bowl!

Working hard!...Katie and Kyle are so fascinated with something over there. Maybe Megan's mad pumpkin carving skills?

The pumkin carving "station"

Hard at work!

Pose for a pic! Katie...! The camera is over here!

There we go!! Except for we only get one smile from Harley! He's not a fan of multiple smiling pictures back to back!

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