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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Countdown to many great things...

Tomorrow- 2nd annual pumpkin carving/chili eating party at Grandma/Grandpa's house! We started it last year when my Auntie Kristine was down and had a really good time. It was harder this year because everyone works a different schedule and Alexis (cousin) moved a short distance to go to school, but after 10 text messages, 32 responses, and lots of strategic planning around work schedules, we are on for tommorow and as excited as ever. I'm going to print out some awesome patterns today (including THE coolest Vikings pattern that I found a few weeks ago) and pictures will DEFINITELY be posted soon! P.S. I WILL win this years judging contest. No battle. :)

2 days- WINCO is coming to Utah! Well, it actually came and had it's grand opening yesterday but we're going to go check it out tomorrow. It's basically like a Costco where you don't need a membership. The news interviewed a few people from yesterday's grand opening and they said they were saving 60 plus dollars per cart, so that'd be awesome. Hmm...maybe with the saved money I will have to talk Trav into carving pumpkins on TWO occasions!

3 days- GOING TO IDAHO to see the bestest! I'm just all sorts of excited about this one! It's so nice to get away for a weekend, especially to spend it with my bestest! We're going to be celebrating her son's second birthday which makes it even more fabulous! Last year we had a blast decorating and being creative for his Halloween themed party!

(click here to see!)

This year, it's a SpongeBob theme. He adores SpongeBob so I can't wait to see how excited he is. Plus there's rumor that Matt (Besties Hubby) is dressing up as SpongeBob. THAT should be fun! Again, look forward to a fun filled post with pictures after I'm home!

6 days- Try and squeeze in our last :( Haunted House of the year.

8 days- Until I talk Travis into doing another pumpkin carving session.

9 days- We get to celebrate Grandma and Kassi's day of birth!!

11 days- HALLOWEEEEEEEN!! Nuff said. Actually, I might note that I only have 11 days to figure out what in the world I am going to be...any ideas?

Now onto to scary ones!
37 days- Thanksgiving! (Where is this year going??)

ONLY 58 days- AUNTIE KRISTINE IS COMING from Alabama!!!! Too bad the days will go by very quickly when she is here! :( I am SOO excited for some quality auntie/niecey time!!

notenoughdays- CHRISTMAS already!! I need to start shopping! I tell myself every year that I'll start in January...Maybe next year. I sense a new years resolution.

LOVE this time of the year! Busy, busy and beautiful, beautiful!

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

i think you should dress up as a pumpkin.

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