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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A couple of hilarious videos!

Alright, so one night Trav and I are watching the news and I think this lady is new...I haven't seen her very often but she definitely made an awesome first impression on me!! This video is her kinda getting tripped up on what she was going to say! I'm not going to lie. Tivo was great with this commercial. We watched it until Travis refused. And, there were tears involved. (Mainly because after I was over it, Trav said one more time...we gotta watch the look on his face when she messes up. So we did. We watched it at least 5 times.) So, enjoy :)

Trey watching Marley and me. Remember the post where he was watching the commercial and moving his head from side to side? Well yeah, in this video...he's doing the exact same thing haha...I've watched it over 50 times and it never gets old! Cracks me up!! Even after I uploaded it and played it, Trey ran over to me and the laptop and did the same thing a couple of times, hahaha I love it!


Laura Jett said...

lol. that is an awesome video! thanks for sharing!!

Chris and Heather said...

lol, you should go onto youtube and search for "crying puppy" (or puppies,) view in full screen and watch Trey's reaction. I did this with Rocco once and it's hilarious. He does the same thing sitting there tilting his head and watching the entire time.

Trav and Jessica said...

hahaha ok, I'll have to do it for sure!! We get a kick out of it every single time! He just looks so confused and so concerned! I wanna do a video of what his face looks like, not just the back of his head. I'll see if he will let me this weekend :)

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