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Monday, October 12, 2009

Awesome things about the weekend...

1)Trav is a genius- Last week at work he was shown a really small picture printed from the internet of a cart that they wanted him to attempt to build/weld. Apparently if you outright buy one it costs around 800 bucks so instead of spend the money, the company wanted to see if they could use the resources and genius men in the shop to build a cheaper they asked Travis to do it. :) He finished it on Friday and his boss absolutely loved it! He was very impressed. Not only that, but his boss's boss (Owner of the company) was very impressed as well. The engineers said it would be perfect for hauling the pipe and that it would definitely work in place of the 800dollar one so Trav's boss asked him to write out step by step everything he did. How much everything measures out to be and everything so they can start making more of them! Good job babe!!

2) Vikings now 5-0!!! Need I say more?? Next week we play the Ravens, then the Steelers, THEN the Packers again...this time NOT in I can't get too excited! Big, important, tough games coming up...but for right now, I'm pretty proud of my team!!


3) My wishes came true! Alright, so if you read my Updates! post, you know how I feel about haunted houses. You also know that this weekend we were planning on going to the Haunted Hollow in Ogden. Well, everyone met up at our house and we didn't end up getting ready to leave until around 9:00 so Trav and I didn't really wanna drive all the way up to Ogden, wait in line for an hour in the freezing cold, and then drive almost an hour to get home after the Haunted Hollow so we decided to go another time and we went to the Crazy Corn Maze instead. It ended up being really fun! They had two different things going on. There was a corn maze that you start out with and then at the end, a Haunted mazeish thing. Before you go into the Corn Maze, they give you a map with numbers on it and then they give you a quiz and that's apparently how you are supposed to navigate through the whole thing. At first we didn't really get it so we just kind of navigated ourselves. We ran into someone who worked there and asked if we were on track. "To number 4?" he says..."Uhh..sure. Yeah. To number 4." Sweet. We're pretty good at this navigating on our own thing. Almost halfway through, without answering any questions, lol. "Yeah, number 4 is just right up there." So, we get up there and look at the question for number 4. The statement was this: Halloween is considrered the third biggest party day in the United States with first and second being New Years Eve and the Fourth of July. I thought it was True and Travis thought it was False. The map said if you think it's true, turn right and if you think it's false, turn left. We, of course, did what I thought we should do...and got lost we had to backtrack all the way that we'd just come and then go the opposite direction at that sign again. We had a good time though, and eventually...frozen fingers, faces, and all made our way out. The entire time we were in the corn maze we could hear people screaming as the Chainsaw Man was chasing them. This of course has me all worked up so by the end of the corn maze, I start trying to convince Travis that it's too cold and that we really don't need to go to the Haunted portion of it. He knew why I didn't want to and said we are going to it no matter what and we'll be just fine because they can't touch you. So, then I start convincing myself that ok, we'll be alright...I also tried to convince myself that maybe he will run out of gas RIGHT when we get to him and I won't even have to worry about it! Travis laughed at that idea and said there is no way that would happen. (I know, he's a real comforter!) Well guess what?! We get to this crazy man and I start to get sick to my stomach because the chainsaw is going and people are screaming and we are next to pass him and no matter how many times I switched Travis places, the chainsaw man looked like he was still going to be on my side and then it happened...he either 1) accidentally killed the chainsaw or 2) IT RAN OUT OF GAS!! Travis started laughing and I, relieved as I think I will ever be, didn't even take a moment to celebrate. I knew he would have it on soon enough, somehow so I pulled Travis through and ran almost as fast as I could to get away from him before he figured it out! THEN, after we were clear, all you could hear in the Haunted house at that point was me and the two girls in front of us, also with their laughing men saying over and over...THANK GOD HE RAN OUT OF GAS!!! I'm hoping this happens at each Haunted House/Forrest/Hollow we visit this year!! It's nice because you still build up adrenaline, but you don't almost pee your pants when it's your turn to pass. That's always a plus.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

thats awesome about trav and his little box! and also, your a big baby about the chainsaw. LOVE YOU :)

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