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Friday, October 9, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Nothing has really come up...or at least it seems that way anyway. Then I sit back and wonder why I haven't been posting as much and I tell myself that we've just been so busy! It's been little, boring stuff mostly though. Trav has been working basically from dark until dark every day! Poor thing. He works from 7-330 and then his dad has been picking him up from work to take him out to his grandma's house because they are replacing her roof! He's ready to be done so he can finally get some good rest! Since he's started that, we've just pretty much been taking it easy at home, enjoying the hour or so we get to spend together before we go to bed!

Every Sunday we watch our boys (Vikings) play. It's great. We go to the same little sports bar, watch it on the same not so little TV (It's HUGE), and share a plate of the most amazing chili verde nachos ever. One of our favorite things about this little sports bar is the fact that every Sunday the same 7 or 8 Vikings fans are there with us, loving the games just as much as we are! Hopefully this is the year that the Vikings hard work pays off. Hopefully. So far, SO good! They're currently 4-0!! Favre has been great and we got through the Green Bay game with a win!!! I was nervous the entire week. Not only is Green Bay a good team but that's where Brett came from. I was scared. Fortunately though, it was a really good game!! :) This week they play the Rams. Should be an easy 5-0. How awesome would that be?? Man. I can't wait!

Our friends want us to go up to Ogden (I think) to the Haunted Forest tonight so I think that's what we're gunna do as soon as Trav gets done working on the roof. I'm scared. I'm not gunna lie!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and I love thinking of being scared and I love thinking back at HOW scared I really was..but in the moment. The moment where they are actually running after me with a chainsaw...that I know will never touch me, but ya...THAT moment...I hate being scared and I tell myself I will never do that again.

Well, I think that's about it for right now! I'm sure I'll have a little more after the weekend!


Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Your life sounds very unboring my dear, so no worries. ;) What bar do you guys go to to watch the games? Or is it a secret? Lol!! I'm the same way with haunted houses/forests....I'm ALL about Halloween, but scary movies and haunted houses are not for me. I'm scared of them, LOL.

Trav and Jessica said...

Oh no not at all!! We go to Lumpy's on Highland! It's a cute little place, we love it!

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