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Friday, October 23, 2009

To Wes and Kassi.

Dear Mr. Travis's Boss,

Trav said you would be out of town today so I figured I'd write you a letter to let you know how things at the shop are going. You know that saying...while the boss is away, employees will play? Well, I got your back and I'll inform you on things that have happened thus far.

Today started out just as any other day. Sort of. Travis jumped out of bed, woke me up and said "BABE! Get up, I'm running late this morning! We gotta go RIGHT now!!" So...I "jump" out of bed the best I can considering how freekin early it is.

I do the usual. Grab a drink, put on my slippers, and a jacket. (Oh, you don't care about that? Oh, okay. Fine.)

Well, we get in the car and rush to work. As you know, Travis is sure to be to work 10 minutes early each day because you know, that's how you like it. Today we pulled in and instead of being there at :50, it was :51. Sorry. We were a minute late.

As we are pulling in, we notice that no one else is there...? Weird? We thought so too. What a bunch of slackers, right? The boss leaves for one day and people just think they can show up on time or later, instead of 10 minutes early.

So, we wait around for someone to show up so I can leave and so Trav can get into the shop.

:56 comes around. No one.

:58, still no one. At this point, Trav starts to get a little worried and we start to talk about what would happen if no one shows up...(PS- he said he would wait until one of the engineers got there and knock on the door and just work by himself. That's one great worker you've got there, Wes.)

Then :59 comes around. It's now one minute before work starts and no one is there.

Now before you start to get upset, let me finish. As it turns out, you don't have a bunch of slackers working for you. Actually, as Travis is telling me I'm okay to go home and that he has faith in his coworkers that they are on their way, I look at the clock and say well babe...It's 7:00. They should already be here. This time, as I looked at the clock, instead of only focusing on the last two numbers, I looked at the hour as well. Turns out, it wasn't 7. It was only 6.

Yes Wes, I know it's a good thing to look at all numbers when looking at the time, but you know, sometimes you just kind of get into the groove of things (or so you think) and you feel like it only matters what the last two numbers say. If they say :35 when we leave our house, we're good. If they say :55 when we leave, not good, etc...etc...

Sure enough, when we went back for a second time (This time we were there at :49 :)), everyone was there 10 minutes early. Ready to work!

So...there you have it. You do not have a bunch of slackers working for you. Just one...over-achiever...I guess.

Hope you have a good trip,


Dear sister,

Remember the times where you loved school and went an entire year without any absences or tardies? Also, during that same year, do you remember one time when I went to Utah to visit family and you wouldn't go because you would've had to miss a half day at school? I do. What a good example that was.

Do you also remember the times that I took advantage of your good example and I would come home from work really late and set your alarm to go off within 5 minutes so I could watch you jump up, freak out that you were late for school, get dressed really fast, and fly down the stairs? lol I remember that too.

Sorry I did that. I realize now it's no fun waking up at 2 in the morning and thinking you are late for something you try so hard to never be late for.

I wanted to write you a letter and let you know that after today, I believe in Karma. It took a few years to catch up to me, and it happened in a different way (no one set my alarm to a crazy hour, and it was Trav that needed to be to work, and not me) but it happened. That's all that matters, right? I was definitely up way early this morning, when I didn't even have to be.

Love you.



..::kassi.wooten::. said...

hahaha yeah of course i remember. remember how you also used to make me cry cuz i loved to read and you always called me a nerd and i took it to heart cuz i looked up to you? yea i remember. bitch. :) karma is a good thing

..::kassi.wooten::. said...

UPDATE OUR PLAYLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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