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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend fun

What a weekend!!

Friday night I was considering either playing poker, or going to Idaho for a much needed visit!

I chose the much needed visit to Idaho and had a great time!!

I get into Burley after completing my 3 hour drive and ready to start a night of great times with some good friends and I call Mari.

Jess: Hey!! I'm here, where are you guys at?
Mari: (whispering) We're in a movie! (laughs)
Jess: What?? A movie...well um...
Mari: Just come finish watching it with us, it only has like 20 mins left.
Jess: Um, okay...?!

The movie theatre that they were at is a tiny, tiny, theatre with one screen. Showing only one movie. So, I walked right in...looked to my left at the guy working the snacks counter, who was almost sleeping on the bench, smiled and walked in to the theatre.

And, because I know you are wondering...

I saw the last 20 minutes of Seventeen Again
No, I do not need to watch it from the beginning to understand it.
No, I have not seen it previously.
Yes, anyone could watch the last 20 minutes and understand the entire movie.
No, I will not watch it again.

After the movie, Mona, Mari, and I decide we are goin out!!
We go to a poppin bar:

Not only did this bar have 7 locals chatting away, it also had a dog.

That's right.
A dog.

Super awesome.

Saturday morning we just kinda hung out with Mona and the kids, after we went to go visit Mari's mom and had some delicious Sopas! I miss home-made Mexican food, oh man!!
Roman love's it too!

Evelia woke up to this face...approximately 2 inches from her face. What a great way to wake up! I love this kid!!


Saturday night Mari, Matt, Cody, and I went out in Twin and had a fantastic time!! Ending the night might have been a little better if the cab driver hadn't dropped us off at the WRONG address. Fun story. Long story short, Mari walked home...encountering a bum. Matt, Cody, and I called for another taxi...which just happened to be the same driver because um, Twin Falls is awesome :) He felt really bad and took us back home! (I wish I had pictures, it was such a fun night!)

**SAD story time**
Sunday I had to come home. After driving for about an hour, it starts to POUR!! I LOVE the rain, but I do not love the rain when my windshield wipers do not function. I ended up stopping in Snowville (About halfway back to Utah) in search of some windshield wipers. Apparently you can't just roll into the Flying J, purchase some windshield wipers like you would purchase a Sprite because there are different sizes. Yeah. 18", 19", and 22"...why can't it just be easy? In the future I would just like to say...I will take a Sprite and windshield wipers please. Thank you.

Walking back out to my car, this lady stops me and says "Excuse me Ma'am, do these guys belong to you?"

I look down to see two little boys. One is about 5 and the other 8. The 5 year old is crying uncontrollably, saying "They left us." "They left us." "They are gone brother, they are gone."

Talk about BREAK my heart!!

I look up at her and say "No."

She then takes them inside and I believe she had the oldest call his mother and I don't know the ending to the story but I can only hope that all is well.

Side note: How the hell do you forget two kids at a gas station?? Seriously. What a traumatic experience for that poor 5 year old and his brother!!

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