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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Want some cranberry juice?

I've been at the hospital since 7:45 this morning. My poor Grandma came into the emergency room last night and was admitted to the hospital this morning. She had dangerously low sodium levels, so I have been with her all day/night today, just hangin out.

But right now...

Right now I'm thirsty. Dehydrated in fact. And, the snackbar closes at 8pm...however, for your convenience, reopens at 11. Wonderful. Conveniently I will only have to wait 2 hours to drink something.

It's actually a good thing that I am a genius because I had a fantastic idea. PATIENTS can get drinks/food after hours...So, because my Grandma was hungry and I was going to order a sandwich for her anyway, I say to the Nurse "I need to get a turkey sandwich for my Grandma, and she would also love a grape juice!" She informs me that there is no grape juice and says "Does your Grandma like cranberry juice?" "Yes, she definitely likes cranberry juice, that will be perfect!"

**Side note- I failed to mention the plan to get me a drink to my Grandma and she just happens to NOT be a fan of Cranberry juice.**

The Nurse comes in with the sandwich and the juice and says here you go!! My Grandma says, thanks so much, and one more thing..can I please have a drink? The nurse looks at her kind of confused and says yeah! Here is your cranberry :) My Grandma then says oh, I dont like Cranberry, can I please have a Diet?

Um. Awkward.

The cranberry juice was delicious though and I am no longer thirsty. Plan A was sort of a success!

1 comment:

kel said...

haha! You would so take advantage of a vulnerable person like that!!! Is everything ok?

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