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Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Saturday was the birthday of the greatest dog in the world.

He is 3 now! I can't believe he's 3!!
The day that we got him, he was 4 weeks old.

I remember it so well! I was in Idaho because Trav was away for the weekend, working. Kass and I were staying at Mari's and she said "Yeah, my parents just got a dog that they don't want because they already have too many. I think he might be a pitbull...we will have to go look before you guys go back to Utah."
I said "No, we will have to go look right now!" --I had wanted a pitbull for a really, really long time. Plus, Trav wasn't there with me..he couldnt talk me out of this one!! ;)
We get to her parents house and I see him curled up in the corner of the house, next to the steps. I went to grab him and could not let him go!! He was coming home with me! Our next stop was PetSmart where I spoiled the crap out of him and got his nails cut.
I took him home and he slept on the couch with me that night. Trav came home and wasn't super happy about it at first because we lived in an apartment where they didn't allow pitbulls, but he fell in love and now they are basically best friends!
There have been good and bad times for sure, but the dog that he is now makes everything worth it!
I remember one of the times we took him to the dog park when he was really little so we could get him to be comfortable around other dogs and people and ANY time someone would pass us, walking their dog...he would sit down in the middle of their path so they had to bend down and pet him. That is totally him today still. If you are sitting down, his head is on your lap. If you are standing up and not in motion, he is laying on your feet. If you are standing up and in motion, he is following you. Such a loving boy!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him:
Such a stud! He's had a 6 pack all along!
This is my absolute favorite picture of him!
Definitely a good thing when your dog lets you put a bandana on him and after doing so, he sports it with great pride! (After trying to chase it for only 1 hour)
Growing up!!
Trey NEVER gets tired of "Shaking" he will do it over and over and over, for anyone.
Pooped after a walk and trying to sleep on Daddy!
Common "Trey stare"
Yes, he knows he is the bestest dog in the world!!

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