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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cats climb trees, and telephone poles, and...brick houses.

I'm laying in bed this morning, half asleep while Travis is taking Trey outside to do his thing.

All of a sudden, I hear Trey make a noise like he was going after something...I've never heard him make this noise before, and never seen him go after something (except for his ball, while I was holding his leash and trying to keep up with him ;)) so it scared the crap out of me! I heard Travis yelling TREY!! TREY, get over here!! He ALWAYS listens to Trav, so that scared me even more!

Enough that I got out of bed, went outside and asked Trav what happened!

He said the funniest thing to me, super fast...without taking a breath...


hahaha...the cat ran UP the side of the brick house?? How did I miss that!!

Travis was blown away, he'd never seen anything like it!

So, we talk and laugh about it for a sec and then I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and the second I come out, Trav is right there saying "Did I tell you the cat had to run up the house twice?? He fell down the first time!" hahaha I wish I would have seen that!! He liked it enough to contemplate it and rethink it the entire time I was brushing my teeth, after we had already talked about it!

I was able to get a few pictures of the cat...I guess that will have to be good enough, lol.

I took this one about 5 minutes after it happened...What a resourceful, quick thinking cat.

I took this one about an hour and a half later on my way to work, looks like he is there to stay for awhile. Great.


Chris and Heather said...

He looks like he fell asleep up there. I wonder if he'll be there when you get home from work.

Trav and Jessica said...

lol probably...can cats climb DOWN brick houses?? I guess we will have to wait and see...

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