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Monday, June 1, 2009

Snippets of yesterday.

Among all of the games (Parachutes, ghost, hop-scotch-Kayla style, mix-up, move cup, etc...) I played yesterday with my *favorite 5 year old, the one described below was my favorite. Maybe just because of the conversation, but still. I enjoyed it very much.

Kayla- JESSICA! Wanna play Escalators and Eels?
Jessica- Of course! But, what's an Escalator?
Kayla- You know! Those things you ride up!!
Jessica- OHH, right. And, what's an Eel?
Kayla- (deep in thought) Well, that just means you lose.
Kayla- (passing out batman coins) Here you go. Ahh, you got an Eel. Annnd I got an Escalator! You lose. I win!!

*My favorite 5 year old is Trav's neice, Kayla.

After we were through playing games, she let me do her hair! She wanted two braids and was so proud of them when they were done. So proud that she even called me before she went to bed and said "Jessica, can I please sleep in my braids?"
--While doing said braids, we had to brush through her hair, or as she calls it...rake through it. lol...It was just a little on the tangley side so once in awhile this conversation would come up:

Kayla- Ouch!
Jessica- Oh, I'm soo sorry! Almost done :)
Kayla- It's okay, I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to the tangles.

This five year old will also request The Flaming Lips-Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robots, while driving with you. AND, she even sings along.

She's preparing some big shoes for 5 year olds all over to fill. Huge ones.

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