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Monday, June 1, 2009

Curiosity killed the cat. And, almost the JessicaTravisTonyandKassi.

Curiosity is such a hard thing to overcome.

I heard about Hobitville quite awhile ago and have been there a few times. Really, all it is is a community with supposed "little people" only.

I am curious about this.

It is an interesting place to go because there are a ton of signs with sayings I dont think one would ever come to understand. (At least not this one.)

It has little-er houses/cottages.

It has a river running through it.

It has large peacocks.
It is really foresty...and in the middle of the city. It is just really interesting to me.

Mostly people go check it out at night, where I can understand can be bothersome to the residents but dang's just fasinating, really.

I have heard of stories where people have been chased out. With bats. Where people have been blocked in. Where people have been shoed out, etc...but never had a story similar.

Over the weekend, one of the things I was able to do (after finally being able to move from being super, super sunburnt) was go with Trav, Kassi, and Tony to Hobitville.

It was fairly late on Saturday night and I just happened to be driving Tony's car. A few things to keep in mind about Tony's car would be the tint- it is extremely dark...and, that it is a stick shift. This makes manuvering a little slower.

Going into this place, it is a one way street. You drive through the park-it is about a mile long- and then at the end, you turn around and drive out.

This time, we were about 50 feet in and all of a sudden, a lady, walking her dog pops out. Angrily. She stops at the FRONT of the car, and doesn't move for about 30 seconds. During this 30 seconds, I am...probably the most scared AND just happen to be sitting in the driver's seat...of course...the one that has to do something. I have some people in the car telling me REVERSE!! Some telling me, ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOW AND TALK TO HER!! Some not saying anything. And my self saying to long do you think it would take to just jump in the back and make Tony take my spot and make him do something, and NOT me. Being that I only had about 30 seconds to make a decision I had to hurry and weigh out my options. The tint on the windows and the stick shift deal were telling me there was NO way that I was going to simply reverse. I couldnt just switch Tony seats, which left me the fabulous option of ...talking to her...

I roll down my window slowly, shaking already and say "Hi, I am looking for 17th east?! I seem to be lost"

She, angrily says you better go right there (points) and turn around. You have a HUGE space to do it. Do not bother us. This is our home.

So we did just that. I turned around at the very NEXT possible turnaround and we left.

Thinking about it now, I feel bad. It is their home. It is just so interesting though. Isn't it the same as someone driving down my street, while I am at home?! I can see where they come from, but I think having the area set up the way it is, draws more people in than if it would be set up like any other neighborhood.


Courtney and Dan said...

I'm SO glad you wrote something about Hobbitville because I always thought people were yankin my chain!! That is a crazy experience you had, LOL...I would've died laughing, LOL... good call on the "lost" idea. You are genius... I would've thrown my car into reverse so fast, LOL... but you are right, having that "hobbitville" only makes people curious...

Trav and Jessica said...

Oh my, if you have not been there, you must go!! It is good times for sure!! haha I thought the same thing, I never believed anyone that that kind of place would be basically in the middle of the city!

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