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Monday, June 8, 2009

Alexis's Graduation!!!

Thursday June 6, 2009 we attended Alexis's 14 hour Graduation! First of all I have to say how proud of her I am!! I think sometimes Graduation doesn't get enough credit! It's such a fantastic accomplishment and such a stressful/fun/scary/crazy/exciting/worried/anxious time of our lives!! So CONGRATS Alexis, I'm proud of you :)

I graduated in a VERY small town in Idaho so Graduation in Salt Lake City, Utah is just a little bit different. Here are a few comparisons:

1- Three hundred and eighty eight kids in Alexis's graduating class (and that was apparently "small"). Twenty-four kids in my graduating class.

2- 10 speakers, each speaking for 1 hour about...interesting things, I think. Individual slide show containing at least 3 or 4 pictures from childhood for EACH Senior in my graduating class.

3- Pictures with graduate in cap and gown before graduation takes place. Pictures before graduation at home, and at 5 of your friends' parents house, and the morning of at the local photographers house. During graduation. And, as you are walking down the isle, as well as directly after graduation while you are lined up as a class...opposite of the parents who are lining up to cry and hug each and every graduate.

4- Graduation at the E-Center. Graduation inside of the High School gym. (Number of chairs used for Alexis's class=Number of total chairs at my graduation.)

Either way though, Graduation is a great thing!! We all look forward to watching Alexis continue to map things out and move on to College!

After Graduation, we all (About 20 of us) went to La Puente to eat some delicious Mexican food!! The waiters about went crazy. (Poor guys) But the food was great, as always! Alexis opened the presents from my Grandparents, and her parents and I must say that my Aunt had the most sentimental gift/idea I have ever heard of for Graduation and I cannot WAIT to use it for my children!! (btw, I'm stealing that, Auntie Tammy :))

What she did was write a note to Alexis EACH year on her first day of each new grade. Alexis didn't find out about the notes until Graduation night. For example...the kindergarten note said something along the lines of "Alexis, here you are, ready for your first day of Kindergarten, you are so excited...we got everything ready and this is what you wore. By the way, I cried today."

I could only read one because I'm a sap and the tears wouldn't stop, but I think that is the greatest idea of all time!!

Here are a few pictures from the night:

Strike a pose!!!

Some of the fam+Kassi trying to feel tall?

Alexis with her mom and dad

Gma, Gpa, and Alexis!

Megan showing her interest during the "interesting speakers" portion of the Graduation (I kind of second that)

1...2...3...funny faces!!
The only pictures I ever really get of Trav usually contain him yelling at me for taking said picture.
1...2..3...funny, again!

What's special about this picture, you ask. Oh, you know...just the THREE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENT mountain dew Kassi is holding. No big deal.
Tons of them!!

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Courtney and Dan said...

Graduation IS a great thing!! Congrats to your miss Alexis!! :) And yes, graduation at the E-Center is more like naptime...

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