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Friday, June 19, 2009

Best deal ever.

Yesterday Trav and I went to Gateway to do a little shopping and we I, of course, had to make a pit stop at Bath and Body!! I walk in and the lady comes up to me right away and says what their deals are...I heard $4 Wall Flowers and $4 classic lotions and body sprays and basically tuned out the rest because I was fine with that...I was going to spend $16 bucks and get me 4 body sprays.

She then passes me again and in my hand she sees the "Japanese Cherry Blossom" body spray and says "$2.50, what a great deal huh?!" I asked her like 3 times what she said because I couldnt believe it, lol I thought it was $4! Apparently if I would have listened to all of the deals she told me about, I would have heard her say that there was a BIN of stuff that was 75% off!!

So, Trav goes outside to wait on the bench.

And, I grab a bag to hold everything in my hands so I can then add to it!

I ended up getting all of this:

For $20!!!!

If you like purfume as much as I do:

Or even a little less than I do...I suggest you RUN to Bath and Body!

The end.


Chris and Heather said...

Yay! You got the coconut one. One of my favorite summer scents!

Chris and Heather said...

By the way, if you ever need a shopping buddy at bath and body works, I will totally go with you. Chris can sit on the bench with Travis. That way they won't have to sit alone. I pretty much have to stop in that store anytime I'm at the mall.

Trav and Jessica said...

haha done and done! He wasn't happy about it but hey, 75% off?! What can ya do!

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