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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Overheard in our house tonight.

(Travis gets out of the shower and walks into the living room where Jessica is sitting on the couch catching up on Ellen DeGeneres)

Travis: Noooo, we are not watching this!!

Jessica: Um, yes we are. We always watch your TIVOed Deadliest Catch and Modern Marvels and How It's Made! Plus you are cooking dinner. (He's being a sweetheart cuz I'm sick and he's not as sick anymore)

(The couple goes on their merry little way. Jessica watching Ellen, and Trav in the kitchen, cooking dinner.)

30 minutes pass...

(Ellen is playing "Blindfolded musical chairs" with select guests where they play music and have one less chair for how many people are playing. The players are blindfolded and must find their way to a chair when the music stops. Jessica was sure one guest would win it for sure because of how ruthless she was. It came down to the last two players. One chair.)

Travis: (from in the kitchen) AHHH, she sat on it!!! (The she being the girl that wasn't expected to win...she cheated a little!)

Moral to this story: Don't listen to men when they say they refuse to watch something. Also, once you start watching what they "refuse" to watch...don't let them fool you, they are most likely 100 percent interested.

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

hahahahaahahahahahahahaah i can see this happening.

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